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Lean Development

Here at Zoola, we’re experts using agile / lean software development, most of our projects implement agile/scrum as project management methodology. Since it first came about in the early 2000s, the agile development method has established a reputation as an excellent way of ensuring that software stays fresh, up-to-date, and able to adapt to the changing needs of the business. It does this by focusing on teamwork, testing, and collaboration during the development process, rather than merely focusing attention on creating the product and testing it afterwards. Some of the features we have adopted related to agile development include:

Top Technologies

Our team applies all the lean practices to our development process, and we stay true to the principles for all technologies. What technology is the best fit for you?

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.NET Development

Because of its ability to interoperate across various programming languages and its extensive API set, .NET development helps you create custom business solutions for your specific needs. Our team makes sure you have all languages covered to expand the possibilities of development in different Windows environments such as C#, ASP .NET, VB .NET, WinForms, MVC and many others.

What Are Your Needs?

Zoolatech .NET development team offers an extensive set of web development services. Our developers will adapt to your needs no matter whether it is a project from scratch or a project with an existing architecture.

Looking for a Team of .NET Developers?

With expertise in .NET web development, custom client, server side and back-end, our team is ready to invest their knowledge in developing service-oriented corporate environments and business applications for you.

All of our professionals have certificates on different MSC levels and have significant hands-on experience with the latest features of the language.

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Java Development

Zoola is a mature development partner for delivering Java development projects. Our experience and proficiency spans highly scalable multi-tiered enterprise Java applications to standalone Java-based software utilities and everything in between. Our years of experience has helped us build a robust Java development practice that leverage deep knowledge of Java-based development tools, frameworks, application servers, IDEs and libraries. With our extensive expertise in Java development, you can rely on our experienced development teams for:

  • User interface design for elevated user experience and productivity
  • Robust & scalable application architecture
  • Cost-effective and high quality development
  • Ease of maintenance and low cost of ownership

What Can Zoolatech Do for You?

We offer cloud testing in different OS, from desktop to complex web apps for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and any web browser.