Mobile Development

iOS App Development

Zoola is a full service iPhone app design and development agency that specializes in building custom apps for our clients from scratch. No idea is too big or too small for us to tackle since we’ve made it our mission to make the mobile market more practical and beautiful, one app at a time. While we make all kinds of apps, our specialty is in the kind that do something rather than sell something. We want users to become invested in the apps we create and make them an essential part of their daily lives.

Know the Process

Our app develop process stems from the concept of the “agile agency”. We build our apps in a quick two week sprint where all team members focus full attention on creating the core of your app. With biweekly check in’s, we give our clients the ability to review and provide feedback along the way. Our development process continually exhibits seamless transitions and fluidity. Thanks to our team of developers attention to detail, apps we take on aren’t viewed as complete until these characteristics are proven true. Fueled’s job is to take your idea and run with it; offering you a vast number of creative designs and strategy to have your app hit the ground running. Average app development companies will simply offer you the technology aspect of the app. At Fueled, we go above and beyond by creating fine-tuned blueprints and design strategy. By offering far more than the average competing company, we are able to give well-rounded expert guidance stepping you up in the rigorous market. Our development team strives to create apps that keep users coming back. We work to create apps that are remembered and talked about by taking on projects we truly feel passionate about from the inside out.

Android App Development

We develop diverse apps with one goal: client success.

Zoola has all the talent it takes to develop Android apps that deliver business results. Our team aims for compatibility with all major Android hardware manufacturers, helping businesses reach a global audience that relies on Android smartphones, tablets, and wearables for everything from professional productivity to social gaming.

We Specialize in Creating Beautiful UX & UI Designss

Making apps for the iPhone is an art, one we’ve perfected. The fluidity of graphic design is one of the most important functions of an app; if it doesn’t look nice, no one is going to want to use it. If you don’t have an idea, and even if you do, we’ll work with you from scratch.

Our app designers are perceptive to our clients needs, whether it be a simple color scheme or a dynamic visual experience. They will not be working alone though, our extensive team of developers and strategists will be there every step of the way to make sure that the designs seamlessly integrate with their intended functions. Since we’ve been iPhone app developers for years now, we know how to harness the purchasing power of consumers through sleek design. We hold all of our team members to a high standard and they never fail to deliver.

Our UX & UI Design Process

Whether it's a new mobile app or an existing one, our design process will fit you perfectly

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Mobile Testing for Quality Apps

Mobile technology is pervasive, and your customers demand nothing less than flawless performance – no matter where they roam. But testing mobile technology presents unique problems, such as frequent but short usage patterns, limited screen sizes and memory, device fragmentation, and, of course, a rapid pace of innovation. Zoola mobile and app testing service takes on these challenges.

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