ZoolaTech is a Global Technology Services Provider with extensive experience in delivering high quality software Solutions to its Clients and tackling the most challenging and outstanding tasks, both technology- and process-wise. Headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area with development facilities in Kiev, Ukraine we provide a convenience of being right next door to our Clients, a convenience that allows us to react immediately and cater to our Clients in the best possible fashion. Our expertise expands upon wide range of IT services ranging from customary offshore and near-shore Software Development and Quality Assurance to such technically sophisticated ones as Solution Design/Architecture and, Project Management.

Technical expertise and many years of experience in Senior Management and Technology roles are beyond a doubt a critical success factor. But this is not what makes us stand out and excel, where others fail. Anyone in Technology should be a well-rounded professional to remain in business, it's a given. In times of great technological progress, one cannot afford to be reliant exclusively upon technologies anymore. What makes us special is our unique managerial competence and experience in setting up delivery processes from scratch and develop them up to the level of a clockwork gear.

We have a unique perspective on our Clients' needs and challenges because we ourselves have been walking in these shoes for over 20 years. And we know that only the long-term partnership can be beneficial to our Clients. Time difference and cross-cultural issues must be the least of Client's concerns. We've founded ZoolaTech to be the provider of Technology Services and help our Clients in bridging the gaps on resource and technological expertise sides. We ARE NOT yet another outsourcing provider or vendor. On the opposite, the outsourcing is just a means of service provision, the mechanics of the process but not the essence of it.

In tough times of economy turmoil, we know what money is worth. More to that, not being idealistic, we do know how things work in Eastern Europe and especially Ukraine. We are well-aware of all the advantages and shortcomings of dealing with an offshore development team We've been there and surely do know our way around dealing with managing all these risks for the benefit of our Client.

We promise no magic pill and are always critical of ourselves. What we do promise though is the professionalism and excellence in everything we do. We are great fans of helping our Clients to make well informed decisions and proactively responding to challenged imposed by business-critical projects, when procrastination is fatal.

Talent Pool

Whatever are the technologies, it’s always people who make a difference. And it really is by far our major and greatest asset. Having access to best local talents and established contacts in best technological Universities of Ukraine, we know we can always get the best talents out there.

Ukraine is a nation of 45 million people with at least 4 million living in the capital city of Kiev, where ZoolaTech has set up its development facility. Young European nation with flourishing IT/outsourcing industry, it’s already established itself as a major player on global outsourcing market. Ukraine and other Eastern European markets gained its current status through immensely popular concept of the so-called ‘smart sourcing’ which allowed end clients despite seemingly higher rates to cut their outsourcing expenses in half.

Over 70,000 students graduate every year with MS/BS degree in Computer Science or related fields – we have a luxury of choosing the best through maintaining close relationships with leading institutions. Ukraine remains extremely attractive for US Clients seeking outsourcing opportunities due to its cultural and geographical proximity to the US. 7 hours time difference and direct accessibility of Kiev by major airlines contribute to it as well. The rates are close to and sometimes even lower than those on established outsourcing markets in Asia, satisfaction rate of 4.76 out of 5 speaks for itself.

Our Team

We are a team of technical and business professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in Senior Management Capacities and a substantial number of successfully accomplished projects across various industries to speak on our behalf. Key factor to all of our projects success is our dedication to excel both technically and operationally.

Offshore Development Teams require tighter control and governance. That is why we put proven frameworks and tools in place to make sure questions are being asked, communication is sustained throughout entire lifecycle and issues encountered on the way are being raised and resolved immediately.

While shifting the in-house development process to include offshore resources can not only be stressful but is a one big project in its own right, it’s easy to slid off the track. Having a considerable experience in setting up delivery processes for major Silicon Valley public companies, we at ZoolaTech are reluctant to impose any carved-in-stone practices and approaches on our Clients. Instead we are rather apt to navigate our Clients to develop their own fitting and benefiting their environment and culture.