Senior FE/React Engineer

  • Overview

    Nordstrom customers have unique tastes and fashion sensibilities. In a fast digital shopping world, envisioning fashion wardrobe in a massive landscape of static product images can become challenging. That is why Nordstrom is committed to not only provide the best selection of products but also tell compelling fashion stories through editorials and contents. As a Senior React engineer in Homepage and content management team, you will lead homepage as well as an internal-facing Web Content Management system to provide customers the most relevant, inspiring and personalized content.

  • Responsibilities

    • Develop, deploy, monitor, and maintain production tier-1 systems

    • Organize to meet all assigned deadlines

    • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of information technology concepts issues, trends and best practices as they relate to the discipline/practice

    • Research and prototype innovative solutions while providing recommendations for existing system improvements

    • Great involvement in team work and promote consultation and collaborations with teammates

    • Participate in a rotational on-call support role for customer-facing, mission-critical systems in a rapid and high-quality fashion.

  • We Require

    You own this if you have:

    • 5+ years of professional experience in practice area

    • Pragmatism. You can prioritize, simplify, and make a path toward results and not dwell on perfection

    Skills/Special Requirements:

    • React

    • NodeJS

    • CSS

    Has knowledge or interested in learning:

    • Java

    • DynamoDB

    • AWS Lambda

    • S3

    • ElasticCache -Redis

    • Kubernetes

    • REST API

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