Zoolatech CEO’s Address
on the Current Situation with COVID-19

How to Adapt Your Digital Commerce Strategy During the COVID-19

Hello there!

I rarely come up with any public announcements, but today is the day. I have a story to share. The one that will hopefully encourage you to live through these turbulent times with more confidence.

In short, I have recently recovered from COVID-19. At first, I was reluctant to post this news, as many others lived through this virus with much more epic survival tales to tell. However, with the media mostly focusing on dire outcomes, it is the banality of my situation that has put many of my colleagues and friends at ease. And so, I decided to share my recovery story in a hope it might provide comfort to you.

I am 48, healthy and active. I most likely contracted the virus at a grocery store. On day 1, I felt light flu symptoms (mild body ache, fever, general tiredness, dry cough). These symptoms escalated over the next 3 days but never got out of typical flu-like levels. On day 2, I got tested. By day 8 or 9, I felt fully recovered.

That’s the end of the story.

I suspect you anticipated a narrative full of painful experiences. That’s exactly what we’re mostly exposed to when we hear about COVID-19 from Facebook feeds, news or any other briefs. With my story, I want to show that it’s not necessarily as bad as we think. So, don’t let fears drive your life. Now or ever.

However, it is true that the virus is contagious and dangerous to people with health issues. I got myself tested because I share a house with an asthma patient. If I didn't get tested, I'd be convinced I only had a minor cold that lasted a few days, and I'd be back grocery shopping, spreading the virus unknowingly and putting at risk lives of those who are less virus-resistant. So, my idea here is to take care of yourselves and your families. Take responsibility for your health and follow WHO recommendations.

We are now going through a powerful transition period that is likely to change the global ecosystem. Don’t panic. Instead, take the most out of your stays at home so that when this time is over you’re fully equipped to make a change.

Roman Kaplun

CEO and Co-Founder,

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