ZoolaTech. 6 months of full-scale war. New realities of the IT company.
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Published 19, Sep 2022

What is a socially responsible company? Learn how charity and the thirst for victory united the team during the war. It’s an example of awareness and quality services in the tech field. Charity and Tech? What's in common?

Since ZoolaTech was founded, we have overcome the barriers that only individual people and organizations can carry out charity. We are sure that every company should be socially responsible, and every person can do their best to impact society. We’re proud of the charity initiatives at ZoolaTech and thrilled to tell you more about them. Before the full-scale war, we had several programs to involve team members in charity. We always prioritized and helped those who needed our help the most - children from low-income families, the elderly, and animal shelters. Also, we love sports and helped youth sports teams attend European championships and built sports grounds. Here's what we had done before:
We are happy to see that our colleagues are happy that the company is engaged in charity and with us on the same page:

Alyona Matyushenko:

“It’s great to realize that you work for a company that allocates money to help the state and citizens, especially during these difficult times.

This fact motivates me personally and inspires me to follow the example; I am sure, all our colleagues feel the same.”

Maksym Bilyaevskyi:

“Before, I didn’t think much about charity, but since February, I changed my mind. I was extremely impressed by ZoolaTech’s position.

I am proud of the company, and I am proud of my colleagues who are actively helping the country.”

The priorities have not changed in 6 months. The conditions and perceptions have changed.

Social responsibility has acquired a different validity. The definition of it remained: a management concept in which decisions are made not maximizing profit but the goals and values ​​of society.

On February 24, the decision and communication based on values ​​were unambiguous – condemnation of Russian aggression and support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for $100,000.

It included joint meetings, gathering information about the team member’s location, and evacuation bus from Kyiv. It was the beginning of a full-scale war, we knew how to organize work processes properly, but indeed, none of us were experts in military affairs. And our charitable side acquired new scopes.

Our charitable programs, which we expanded when the war started:

1. Doubling. We double any donation for any amount.

2. Individual requests. This is about supporting separate fees for cars, drones, etc.

3. Sports. For doing sports for 30 minutes or more, we transfer UAH 100 per workout to charity.

Yehor Chernyshenko

“I experience a very warm feeling because the company constantly and powerfully helps the Armed Forces and war victims.

And also that there is an opportunity to ask for “spot” help from the company for its volunteer initiatives. And this very cool initiative with 50 percent return of funds spent on charity.”

We wanted to involve our colleagues in the daily participation for victory. After 2 weeks, we determined how the charity direction would work, but it took about a month to organize the reporting process. Since the scale grew, the numbers grew too. That is why we have reports every week and monthly.

What item from charity reports do you remember?

Zhenya Miroshnichenko

“I still remember and exemplify the ambulance for half a million hryvnias (~$13,500)”

Maxim Bilyaevskyi

“I was extremely impressed when I asked for support for the purchase of ambulances, expecting, at best, a donation of several hundred dollars, and in response, I saw “we can pay for Mercedes.”

The Mercedes we bought for the army. It still saves lifes on the battleground!
Why do we do this?

The answer is simple – it should be so. To live in a high-quality society, it must be created and maintained.

Yehor Chernyshenko

“It adds a powerful internal energy and drive, especially when you see the results of your help – for example when the gunners send me a video from the drone that I sent them, which clearly shows a direct hit on the rack equipment.”

Zhenya Miroshnychenko

“I feel like a person who can influence those around me and manage my life.”

Maxim Bilyaevskyi

“When I help, I feel that together we are bringing victory over the Russian Federation closer.

I also fight the enemy, not with weapons but financially. It’s very supportive when things get heavy.”

Now we will present a general summary of assistance for these 6 months. Unfortunately, most are not quantifiable, but we make a qualitative impact. Together to victory!

The total contribution is $710,000 so far:

  • Bought dozens of cars and 1 ambulance.
  • Evacuated more than 2,000 civilians from hot spots.
  • Supported the company’s team members in relocating to safe places.
  • Provided humanitarian aid in the direction of Bucha and Irpen.


  • Supporting the service station, which deals with military and evacuation equipment every week.
  • Supporting the purchase of military uniforms: shoes, body armor, tactical belts, summaries, and helmets.
  • Buying thermal imagers, drones, tablets, monoculars, generators, solar panels, routers, metal detectors, turnstiles, walkie-talkies, tactical glasses, plate carriers, and heat nozzles.
  • Providing fuel for volunteers to deliver humanitarian aid.
  • Helping military hospitals with medicines and food.
  • Providing battalions of mobilized colleagues with necessary humanitarian and military requests.
  • Purchasing and delivering humanitarian aid to Chuguiv, Dokuchayevo, and Vatutino.
  • Participating in the reconstruction of an apartment building in Irpen.
  • Completing the construction of temporary housing for a family in the Gorenka village.

We know the price of freedom and are ready to do everything within our reach to help Ukraine win. Every day matters and we believe that united actions accelerate our victory. ZoolaTech wholeheartedly stands with Ukraine!

Zoolatech Charity Manager, Olena Borysovets.

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