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So, you are thinking about writing an article for a Zoolatech blog, but you have a couple of questions.

We're here to answer them.

Let’s start from the very beginning:

What’s the blog's objective?

Sharing is caring: we write for people who are looking for certain information to improve their knowledge and skills.

Aggregating your experience: we believe writing is a proven method to structure your expertise, rethink your solutions, and even find new ideas during writing practices.

Growth is our common goal: blogging gives us an opportunity to build trust and credibility with our existing and potential clients by increasing brand awareness and providing helpful information.

Who is the audience?

The audience for the blog includes:

  • people who are interested in technical topics
  • those who are looking for specific experience to solve their problem
  • potential and existing Zoolatech clients and employees

What can I write about?

  1. Write about what you know. If you can easily explain something about tools, methodologies, and practices that you have studied for a very long time, you’re going to provide a lot of value to your readers.
  2. Share some tutorials on advanced language, programming tips, roadmaps and management issues.
  3. Show others how to solve a particular problem that you came across.
  4. You can write about the latest technology that is now on everyone's lips or vice versa - a topic about which there is little information available.

Here are some examples of blog posts for reference:

How To Rebuild Data Pipeline With AWS
Amazon Web Services is one of the top cloud providers and is used by Netflix,Reddit, Facebook, and many other household names. Many retail businesses alsofavor this cloud computing platform, including Amazon, Under Armor and Amway. Amazon Web Services are easy-to-use, scalable, have no capacity …

What language should I use?

You can write a text for the blog in Ukrainian, Russian or English. Finally, we publish in English.

* Translation, editing, proofreading help will be provided by Marketing Team.

OK, I'm interested, tell me more:

The typical article structure is pretty simple. It includes:

  • Title – The title should be short and engaging (Here is a tip: you can use some interesting stats/numbers or begin with “How to…”)
  • Introduction is a short synopsis of the topic.
  • Body - opens up/unpacks the issue.
  • Conclusion

The approximate amount of text is 1000-2000 characters

Underline your content with diagrams, graphs, pictures, pieces of code, and other tools to break up the text and help the reader process it.

If you’re in doubt about your text, send it off to 2–3 people within the company/project/guild for any additional feedback that they might suggest.

I got it, but what if I need some help?

Feel free to ask Marketing Team for any help you need:

- choosing a topic
- editing
- proofreading
- creating diagrams, graphs, pictures

Marketing Team
There are few ways to connect with your audience online: visual images, words,and interactive staff. We do all of that. We tell stories and help others to tell their stories.We create videos, visuals, case studies, ads. If you have any ideas you want to make alive within company resources (we…
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