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Build strong, efficient, and loyal tech teams with a reliable partner by your side. Reduce costs, unlock engineering excellence, and seize long-lasting value.

for your long-lasting success

Build strong, efficient, and loyal tech teams with a reliable partner by your side. Reduce costs, unlock engineering excellence, and seize long-lasting value.

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Benefit from decades of proven engineering expertise

ZoolaTech is a full-cycle software development company run by people with 20+ years of experience in building efficient offshore technology teams for industry-leading companies in the US and Europe. We are self-funded and profitable from day one.

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Why choose us

Driven by trust, transparency, and partnership


ZoolaTech is a value-driven company. We truly care about our clients and the communities we develop across the globe. 

We believe that building strong, honest, and transparent relationships is the core of building a resilient company, long-lasting partnerships, and robust, market-leading products.

Focus on long-term value and teams built to last


ZoolaTech focuses on sustainable growth and long-term impact for your product. We design teams and delivery processes that are targeted at long-term value — in terms of results, talent management, and costs. Our partners stay with us for 5+ years and we help them scale easily, respond rapidly to changes, withstand crises, and grow.

Top tech talent with a strong co-ownership mindset


Our talent pool comprises 90% senior and middle software engineers. Our experts have proven hard skills, strong interpersonal and self-management skills. 

And we’ve created a sustainable ecosystem that allows training, integrating, and retaining them to ensure both quick wins and long-term success for your product.

Reduce costs while we ensure in-house quality and performance

Bringing in strong tech talent fast

Benefit from our established employer brand and proven recruitment practices. Access a global tech talent pool and achieve your milestones faster.

Scaling up and down easily

Avoid recruitment, HR, administration, and infrastructure overhead. We will help you ramp up and down your engineering teams quickly, painlessly, and cost-efficiently.

Providing you with loyal tech teams

Work with dedicated engineering teams that are rooting for your product success and are willing to go an extra mile to help you meet your operational, tactical, and strategic goals.

Ensuring flexibility

Select the cooperation model(s) that is most suitable for you and adapt it to your changing needs. Choose the level of ownership you want to entrust to us. Have full hiring transparency.

Tailoring services to your unique needs

Get the tech talent and team composition that are the best fit for your specific type of company at a specific point of time and will deliver the best cost value ratio.

Applying time-tested practices

Benefit from proven Agile management practices, a culture of engineering excellence, and a streamlined CI/CD pipeline.

Our success stories


Driving Retail Digital Transformation for Pandora

US Fashion Retailer

Helping a Global Fashion Retailer Optimize Cloud Costs and Performance

Complete Solaria

Helping Complete Solaria migrate to the cloud and boost scalability

Our services


Offshore Delivery Center

Have a part of your product engineering performed by smart, self-sufficient, and highly motivated offshore teams, 100% dedicated to you. With focus on long-term value and long-lasting cost-efficiency.

We’ll help you build strong tech teams fast and integrate them seamlessly into your delivery process. Enjoy full transparency and painless scalability.


Team Extension

Augment your in-house team with strong software engineers fast and globally. Scale up and down easily. Save costs and time by avoiding recruitment, HR, and admin overhead. We filter out 85% of the candidates and provide you with the top tech talent that is the best fit for your specific project.


Managed Delivery

Have your product built from A to Z by a team driven by your business success. From an idea to a full-fledged solution — we'll have you covered each step of the way, helping to mitigate risks, optimize costs, and take future-proof decisions.

Our expertise

  • Custom Software Development
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Cloud Migration
  • DevOps
  • Mobile Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science, ML, and AI
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