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Streamline your Kafka development

  • Integrate easily

    Integrate seamlessly and scale easily

  • Integrate easily

    Unlock the value of real-time data analytics

  • Integrate easily

    Focus on ROI, optimize costs, and mitigate risks

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Learn how to solve top Kafka challenges, based on real-life case studies

  • Build from scratch or audit and redesign your integration landscape

    We will help you build a custom integration platform that will serve as a digital foundation for integrating all your business processes and ensuring the data exchange is fast, efficient, accurate, and reusable.

    Our team will analyze your legacy system and its limitations as well as investigate your current and upcoming needs. With a precise focus on your business, we will help you choose the most suitable tech stack and architecture for your integration platform to reduce costs, easily scale up and down, and mitigate potential risks (e.g., prevent data loss and inconsistency, reduce latency)

  • Scale your development capacity

    Zoolatech will provide you with experienced business analysts and Kafka engineers to easily scale your development capacity and solve your technology problems faster.

    Our BAs will help you with efficient analysis of your domains and business event flows. Creating Business event schemas may be a tricky task if your business relied only on system-specific thinking before. Here is where we can consult you and facilitate business analysis by helping to translate system messages back to business language. When all schemas are modeled, you will have the full business picture in Kafka, in one place, in real time. And, of course, all described in clear business language.

    Our Kafka engineers will help you with facade architecture, deduplication, tokenization, the right event ordering, better user experience, custom metrics, scaling-up and scaling-down, resources and costs optimization, further Data Analytics capabilities, and many more.

  • Benefit from years of experience

    With our solid expertise and many lessons learned, we will help you make your custom Kafka integrations efficient, secure, and scalable. 

    Zoolatech will help you prepare a set of clear engineering standards to drive operational excellence and optimize costs. 

    We have proven expertise in Cloud, EDA, Microservices, Observability platforms (Monitoring, ProdSupport), Agile, BA (SafE), CI/CD, DevOps, Data Analytics.

Your technology partner for custom Kafka integrations:

Why choose Zoolatech?

  • 01 Added value with each single technology
  • 02 Continuous improvement in each area of operation
  • 03 Universal integration landscape, yet fully customized for your business needs
  • 04 450 engineers; development centers in Poland, Ukraine, Mexico, and Turkey
  • 05 Experienced Kafka architects and engineers
  • 06 Focus on long-term partnerships
  • 07 60% senior software engineers

Get your free e-book now. Learn how to solve top Kafka challenges, based on real-life case studies.