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Retail Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Discussion
Retail Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Discussion
Business Intelligence and Analytics Overview

Business intelligence in retail industry is a must for those companies and brands that want to step over the payback threshold and jump right into a higher league.

Analytics in retail industry is the key to understanding prospects and delivering the experience they always wanted. That’s why, according to BI Trend Monitor 2020, data-driven culture can be found in top retail companies. However, only 29% of companies are successful at connecting analytics to action.

  • - BI provides the utmost personalization experience by recording all user activities
  • - Business intelligence enables funnel analysis with a high level of granularity
  • - Analysis of seasonal buying patterns helps marketers predict the future behavior of clients and forecast trends
  • - Data-driven and analytical approaches make it possible to ensure you get the best ROI on each in-store marketing effort

Here’s how analytics and business intelligence for retail industry can help you build a prosperous business.

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data analytics for retail business development

Zoolatech offers a range of services to implement data analytics for retail business.

  • BI and analytics from scratch We will study your IT and business infrastructure and create a universal set of reports, KPIs, alerts, etc.
  • Customization of ready-made solutions from a third-party vendorFor less complex cases, we will help to integrate the existing third-party solution into your business model.
  • Modernization of an existing BI solutionWe will prepare data warehouse architecture that will meet the requirements of the existing business model.
  • Whatever the complexity of the project, our data scientists and engineers will get to the root of the issue and provide a complex and easily-customizable solution that will amaze you with its flexibility.

Why cooperate with Zoolatech as your outsourced partner for BI and analytics solutions

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  • Profound data and BI expertiseOur team has implemented comprehensive data warehousing, data integration, and migration, as well as static and interactive reporting solutions, to design user-friendly Business Intelligence environment
  • Hands-on approachWe also have experience in integrating and customizing existing BI software
  • Technical proficiencyOur engineers have extensive experience in data extraction, aggregation, grouping, modeling, and visualization

To put it simply:

Technologies We Use for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in Retail

Data Analytics for Nordstrom mobile application  
Data Analytics for Nordstrom mobile application

Retail Projects We are Happy to Work On


Fortune 500 Company, Fashion Apparel, USA

We helped to create seamless interactive dashboards for management to gather and analyze sales funnels on all platforms.

The project included:

  • - Integration of Web Amazon Services (AWS) and DataDog
  • - Custom solution for lambda to read Cloudwatch logs, get events and send them to DataDog without consuming events from Kinesis stream
  • - Improved system performance under a heavy clickstream load (10x increase in online users)
  • - Extensive use of Datadog’s built-in functions
  • - Creation of custom visual reports that allow quick reactions in case of abnormal customer behavior

Why Zoolatech

  • 170+employees
  • 12clients
  • 2+years in operations
  • 90%growth in 2019

Let’s build a team for Data Analytics and BI projects you want to develop

With Zoolatech, you hire developers who will progress your retail business and help it achieve high mobility



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