Senior Java Engineer

  • Overview

    Why is Nordstrom one of the greatest? Founded in 1901, it prospered through two world wars, Spanish flu, Great Depression, the 2020 pandemic, and still produces the highest quality products and services for their customers.

    Nordstrom is based in Seattle with a technology orientation rooted in Silicon Valley. You will work with the cleverest minds, who are eager to build superb services to match business requirements and win market share.

    And then there's Zoolatech! Just imagine a workplace and a team environment that you never want to leave once you have found it. Sounds exciting? Apply to our position today and we can get you there.

    The Pricing Team is responsible for the set of services that manage all pricing information across Nordstrom. The BE is mission-critical heavily loaded Java-based micro-services. And, there's a lot of attention to mature engineering practices and quality.

  • Responsibilities

    • Understand business needs

    • Design and document technical solutions

    • Write clean and maintainable code, perform code-reviews

    • Establish optimal processes and state-of-the-art engineering practices

    • Help team to self-organize

    • Take ownership of the system quality

    • (If needed) monitor/support the system in production (Pager Duty)

  • We Require

    • 5+ years with Java + Spring
    • Good written and spoken English is a must;
    • Computer Science education is important;
    • Hands-on experience with AWS (EC2, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3...)
    • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, monitoring/alerting
    • Experience building and using REST API and micro-services
    • Experience with system design, architecture, scaling, and performance testing

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