Senior FullStack Engineer (React/Node.js)

  • Overview

    If you want to challenge yourself in a large-scale project that has been transforming and digitalising the construction industry for almost 20 years - you shall join us! Together with the Zoolatech team, Procore Technologies develops a cloud-based construction management software that allows their clients to effectively build skyscrapers, hospitals, data centres, stadiums, and schools. At the same time, it makes the management of finances, quality, teams, and risks transparent, convenient, and compliant with regulations. Procore is a specialist in the construction management domain, and at the same time, it is also a very tech company who is developing actively their web and mobile solutions.

    Procore has been actively growing even during the pandemic and moreover, it went public this year. Zoola is helping Procore to growing further and now we are searching for the best result-oriented Engineers who can keep the high level development standards together with the Procore team.

    As a Senior FullStack Engineer, you’re given the unique opportunity to partner intimately with Procore customer base, translating their fundamental needs into technological SaaS solutions. You would be working on a core of the Procore system - the Documents, and will collaborating with 3 sub-teams (Document Processing, Control & Markup) to help Procore to migrate from the current monolith architecture to the micro-service architecture.

  • Responsibilities

    What you will do:

    • Design, implement, test and deliver highly scalable products using the most efficient micro-service development patterns;
    • Write a highly performant code that minimizes payload size and deferred scripts while consuming the lowest possible amount of browser resources and high-quality code in a Test Driven Development environment;
    • Develop fellow teammates by conducting code reviews, providing mentorship, pairing, and training opportunities;
    • Leverage a customer-centric approach to lead architectural design decisions that improve scalability and performance for users;
    • Work closely with a team of engineers, product managers, and UX experts;
    • Present your designs to internal/external groups and review designs of others;
    • Lead the project initiatives, proactively collaborate with the stakeholders to deliver the end result;
    • Develop test strategies, work with test automation frameworks, write unit/integration/functional tests to drive code coverage and automation metrics;
  • We Require

    • 5+ years experience in Object-Oriented Program and/or Functional Programming fundamentals, Test Driven Development and Design principles;
    • 5+ years experience with TypeScript/JavaScript. Strong preference for modern libraries and frameworks, particularly with React;
    • 3+ years of experience with Node.js
    • Track record of anticipating technical problems that will fall out of major projects and designing solutions to overcome those problems;
    • Demonstrated expertise with building and/or significantly improving large, business-critical systems involving stability, performance, and scalability based on a micro-services architecture;
    • Experience leading initiatives, understanding the tradeoffs between technical, analytical, and product goals and are adept at formulating solutions that satisfy all of these needs, course-correcting as needed;
    • Experience in working with RESTful APIs;
    • Proven experience with web tooling (Webpack, Jest, NPM, Babel, etc)
    • Time-honed expertise with modern web development across the entire spectrum of development, testing, staging, deploying, and monitoring
    • Experience of working in a distributed team;
    • High ownership of the solution and sense of responsibility for work delivery;
    • Spoken and written English is a must;

    Nice to have:

    • experience in Nest.js

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