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JS Automation QA


  • Overview

    We're now starting the partnership with Okta. Specifically, with its Auth0 branch. Auth0 platform secures more than 100 million logins each day for customers from all around the world - and growing fast!

    Mature SDET is needed to automate functional testing of the solution. There’s some UI automation but mostly it’s API. Cross-platform, cross-browser solution is being created. The testing framework is quite new and uses up-to-date tech stack

  • Responsibilities

    • Understand business priorities and requirements;
    • Collaborate with the team to come up with optimal technical solutions;
    • Write reliable and scalable code;
    • Ensure solid test coverage;
    • Embrace the CI/CD principles;
    • Take ownership of system quality.
  • We require

    • Great communication + soft skills + English
    • 4+ years of software test automation experience
    • 1+ years with JS/Typescript
    • Solid experience with Browserstack or similar tools

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