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React JS


  • Overview

    We're starting a new partnership with MasterControl. This company creates services with event-driven architecture which run behind medical research and production. Cool tech stack, advanced challenges for any level of experience, and nice culture. Looks like everything an engineer might need is actually here =)

  • Responsibilities

    • Understand business needs
    • Design and document technical solutions
    • Write clean and maintainable code, perform code-reviews
    • Establish optimal processes and state-of-the-art engineering practices
    • Help team to self-organize
    • Take ownership of the system quality
    • (If needed) monitor/support the system in production (Pager Duty)
  • We require

    • Fluent/advanced English to communicate daily with customers
    • 7+ years with React/FE
    • Super strong JS + Typescript is a must (there’s a lot of complex business logic)
    • Good HTML, CSS (there’s fewer styling challenges, no animations etc.)
    • Experience with test tools (Jest, Cypress, Selenium, Playwright, etc.)
    • Experience in GitHub Actions, Docker, and AWS

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