Staff JS Full-Stack Engineer
Wroclaw, Poland
JS, React, TypeScript

We are starting an exciting journey with our new client, who is creating software for auditors and certified public accountants.

Our client is a Silicon Valley startup which is establishing a new state of trust for global commerce and capital markets by automating and streamlining the work of assurance and audit practitioners, specifically within cybersecurity, privacy, and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

To start our engagement, we are looking for a Staff JavaScript Full-Stack Engineer with experience in React, TypesScript, and AWS.

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  • Be an essential technical contributor

  • Bring a mindset of continuous improvement to your work. You’ll be responsible for making our technology better over time.

  • Understand how to optimize for iteration speed while maintaining a high-quality bar and technical rigor

  • Collaborate with other software engineers on design and best practices and conduct code reviews

  • Monitor/support the system in production

  • 7+ year strong experience with React & Typescript as full stack

  • Test and automation tools like Jest and Cypress

  • Collaborating on all aspects of product strategy and UX

  • Nice to have AWS and Kubernetes production experience. Understand concepts of managing infrastructure and environments using Terraform and Helm

  • Know how to estimate efforts in SCRUM processes.

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