Strong Middle+ NodeJS Developer

  • Overview

    Nordstrom's Looks Curation is an important application that Stylists use to create Public Looks that are used to power experiences on It consists of 2 user facing apps – Looks Curator Pro and Looks Manager. It engages stylists and influencers to use the app, and helps create Private Looks, Style Boards and Style Links for customers. There is a recommender (Smart Assist) working behind the scenes to help stylists create Looks on the fly.

    Our team members are accountable for contributing solutions to business problems in the form of high-quality software in an agile work environment that fosters collaboration and personal growth.

    Since 1901, Nordstrom has offered a wide variety of quality apparel, shoes and accessories for men, women and children at our stores across the country.

    And then there's Zoolatech! Just imagine a workplace and a team environment that you never want to leave once you have found it. Sounds exciting? Apply to our position today and we can get you there.

  • Responsibilities

    We are looking for a strong middle+/low-senior NodeJS engineer who is willing to build the team from scratch and then act as a team lead afterwards. The team will have its own work tracking and will be assisted by the Engineering Manager, Program Manager and Product Managers from Personalized Curation. Specific responsibilities:

    • Gather details from Seattle-based stakeholders to build the team and its processes in Kyiv;
    • Keep the lights on for this system and ensure that system upgrades are handled, the apps are up, running and available;
    • Handle projects upstream from other systems which cause breaking changes and make sure that the systems consume the most recent versions of services and apis;
    • Participate in experiments to enable different Looks created using different models;
    • Provide 24/7 support via PagerDuty (together with other engineers);
    • Understand business priorities and requirements;
    • Collaborate with the team to come up with optimal technical solutions;
    • Write reliable and scalable code;
    • Ensure solid test coverage;
    • Embrace the CI/CD principles;
    • Do meaningful code reviews;
    • Take ownership of system quality.
  • We Require

    Must have:

    • Good written and spoken English;

    • Experience building RESTful APIs with Node.js, javascript / typescript and express;

    • AWS Experience - specifically EC2, Lambda, RDS (and SQL), Elasticache.

    Really nice to have:

    • Some experience with Java (to support the auth service);

    • Experience with building scalable distributed systems.

    Will have to deal with (not required to have from start):

    • Basic Kubernetes (understanding of pods, nodes, and how to monitor and debug);

    • Apache Kafka;

    • Basic knowledge of modern UI frameworks - react being the best fit;

    • Java with Springboot (more APIs) and Python;

    • Experience with Graph QL.

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