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To create an environment of professionalism and friendliness that will foster an excellent working space for employees and an outstanding service for our clients.

Our values

  • Extreme Ownership

    • - We own everything within our reach: our work, our results, our relations with coworkers and clients, our careers and professional growth
    • - We don't blame others and circumstances
    • - We face challenges, and we’re not hesitant to ask for help when needed
  • Learn from Failure

    • - We love learning and dare to try making things differently and better
    • - We are smart not to make the same mistake for the second time
    • - We prefer taking risks and actions to staying still
  • Speak Up

    • - We care for what is going on within our reach
    • - We know we are empowered to make a change
    • - We do not pretend nothing happens when we see mediocrity, injustice, or plain indifference
  • Zoola Clients

    • - We want our clients to be with us forever
    • - We religiously believe that the only way to our success is our clients success
    • - We care about the products we work on, and about people who use it
  • Live a Full, Healthy Life

    • - We measure success by the value delivered, not the time spent working
    • - We care about our physical and mental health
    • - We believe that happy and healthy people are more productive


  • Team

    Our team is built on excellent working experience, open-mindedness, and togetherness. We are open to discussion, helpful and ready to share our expertise with the newcomers.

  • Education and Development

    We encourage our employees to participate in workshops, conferences, and meetups. We organize our own, and we partly compensate the cost of external events and English courses for our employees.

  • Social Package

    We offer fully-paid sick leaves, medical insurance, gym compensation, and a weekly catch up with a therapist in our office.

  • Office

    We have a modern and cozy office near the city center with a free bus from Palats Ukraine metro station.

  • Technical Events

    We are organizing ZoolaTalks and Developers' Days, meetups for employees, where experienced engineers share their cases, solutions, and ideas. We go deeper into knowledge-sharing as it helps to build strong teams with deep expertise.

  • Career opportunities

    Zoolatech has grown twice in the last year, and there are a lot of opportunities for the employees' career development. We encourage our colleagues to evolve and to grow along in line with the company.

Team testimonials

Oksana Lomaga

Product owner

I love the family atmosphere in Zoolatech, the values of the company respond to mine. It’s an excellent place for work and personal growth.

Eugene Fedchenko

iOS Team Lead

Zoolatech focuses on the employees and their competences, and it helps to create an authentic company atmosphere. Even if you have 20 years of experience, you will find here something new.

Viktor Kurchenko

Tech Lead

Zoolatech is a bureaucracy-free company with high level of personal independence, it has particularly friendly and professional environment.

Viktor Presniakov

Senior Data Engineer

Zoolatech is a great company to work in: the friendly atmosphere in the office, a lot of interesting people, management that hears employees.

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