Accelerating time-to-market and boosting scalability for MasterControl
Since April 2022
Software & Technology, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Manufacturing
60 experts
About our client:
Our client is a leading provider of MES and QMS solutions with the focus on ensuring compliance with regulations, improving quality and safety of the products for regulated industries.
Business challenge:
The company needed to modernize the legacy systems to improve scalability and efficiency, and avoid downtime.
Zoolatech approach:
ZoolaTech became the client's technology partner. Starting with just two engineers, the team expanded to 60 experts within 18 months.
Value delivered:
ZoolaTech helped MasterControl accelerate the delivery process, modernize its existing solutions, and deliver new-generation systems.
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MasterControl provides modern Manufacturing Execution Systems and Quality Management Systems that ensure compliance with regulations, reduce risks, and improve the quality and safety of products for regulated industries.

MasterControl customers enjoy 80% faster post-production review times, 21% fewer deviations, and 100% right-first-time. More than 1,000 global customers have used MasterControl to bring more than 250,000 life-changing products to market.

Business challenge

As MasterControl prioritizes its products’ immaculate quality and supreme user- experience, they decided to modernize their existing solutions and build new-generation systems. To avoid downtime and accelerate the delivery process, they needed a strong partner for technology team extension.

ZoolaTech approach

ZoolaTech became the client’s technology partner. We provided MasterControl with a team of strong senior software engineers, working closely with the client’s in-house team. Starting with just two engineers, hired 60 experts across Europe within 18 months. We fostered a collaborative environment, breaking down traditional customer-vendor barriers, which resulted in a fast delivery process and high product quality.


ZoolaTech provided MasterControl with a team of very strong software engineers to ensure engineering excellence, improve velocity, and accelerate time-to-market. The candidates were rigorously selected and interviewed to meet all the client’s demands.

Our team had two key tasks:

Helping to build new-generation systems based on microservices

Our team underwent quick and smooth onboarding and integrated seamlessly with MasterControl’s in-house team. That helped to remove a client-vendor bias and enabled proactive ideas sharing and efficient teamwork.

The Zoolatech team helps to accelerate the time-to-market of new systems while ensuring engineering excellence. Our ideas have contributed to more efficient database performance optimization, spring framework usage, and QA automation strategy.

Helping to expand feature base of the legacy systems

Our key challenge was to learn the ropes of complex legacy systems fast. Thanks to the help of a dedicated expert who guided us, the ZoolaTech team navigated easily through the challenges of the existing systems. The onboarding went fast and smoothly.

Value delivered
  • The collaboration resulted in operational improvements, including increased velocity and overall product quality.
  • Seamless integration with the in-house team allowed for the quick delivery of new features.
  • ZoolaTech’s proactive collaboration has contributed to innovation and efficiency.
  • ZoolaTech played a pivotal role in extending the feature base of legacy systems to meet requirements of MasterControl’s clients.
  • The successful partnership not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned our client for sustained growth in the dynamic pharmaceutical sector.
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