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1. Retail.

No doubt about it, our clients are retail industry disruptors. We are proud to help them stand out among competitors by strengthening capabilities with systems, custom modules, applications, and integrations.

Whether shopping with the the Partner app or in their offline stores, tailoring suits from Men’s Wearhouse, or exploring HDS warehouse offerings, you’re using Zoolatech-built software.

  • Loyalty_Management
  • Omnichannel_Sales
  • Online_Distribution
  • Automated_Warehouses
  • Retail_Analytics
  • eCommerce
  • Data_Analytics

2. Finance
and Fintech.
Finance and Fintech

The finance industry is going digital and nothing can stop this process. Respectable old banks and the newest payment apps – all use digital channels as a primary touch-point with their clients.

We love that. Whether you are a classicaly Financial Institution, a FinTech or TechFin company, we will handledeal with your product roadmap, backlog, integrations, UX requirements and Data.

  • Digital_Banking
  • Wealth_Management
  • Fraud_Prevention
  • Lending
  • Mortgage
  • Cards
  • Payments
  • InsurTech

3. Media
and Social.
Media and Social

Goodbye traditional publishing, Hello Digital Media. When we work with new media, our goal is to let our clients focus on content rather than ways of delivering it. We take care of the tech side, making publishing super clear and efficient.

When we work with entertainment apps, digital advertising, and marketing companies, we focus both on speed to match this highly competitive industry and on a customized product-specific approach.

  • Publishing
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • New_Media
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Advertising

4. Construction.

Dream big, build big. We develop, fine-tune, and deliver integrated IT solutions that impact every area of construction.

From task control and material/resource control to data integration and transparent communication with suppliers, we resolve critical business challenges in Engineering and Construction.

  • Project_Management
  • BIM
  • Field_Productivity
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Risk_Management
  • Construction_ERP
  • Construction_Accounting

5. Travel and
Travel and Hospitality

At Zoolatech, we have a history of merging the best in technology and travel. Our company’s founders had been developing software for the travel industry for years before starting Zoolatech.

Our solutions help travel companies to scale limitlessly and to build and manage high-performance travel programs with even the most sophisticated requirements.

From touchpoints to journeys, we enable travel brands to develop and deploy their customer experience vision.

  • Project_Management
  • BIM
  • Field_Productivity
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Risk_Management
  • Construction_ERP
  • Construction_Accounting


  • We can recommend Zoolatech for their talent pool, attention, ability to understand our requirements, candidate screening process and constant communication.

    Chaitanya Pallapothula photo
    Chaitanya Pallapothula SVP, Tailored Brands, Inc. 1 - 7
  • Zoolatech has been able to dramatically increase the company’s customer activations. They have exceptional technical resources that are highly productive and are capable of quickly adapting to requirements. Customers can expect responsiveness, reliability, and commitment.

    Alex Ramirez photo
    Alex Ramirez CEO, Cognit Ops 2 - 7
  • The apps they’ve developed give us the opportunity to get more customers. We’re providing more services to target big customers, namely companies in the solar industry that’ll use our apps to create proposals. We can install jobs faster and identify reduce bottlenecks, so we’re providing a better customer experience.

    Aida Youssef photo
    Aida Youssef Senior Director of Software
    Engineering, Complete Solar
    3 - 7
  • Zoolatech has access to a deep talent pool and knows how to identify their client's needs. Zoolatech was great in the hiring process as their pre-screening resulted in me and the team to only needing interview 3 people for 2 openings, and both have worked out great! With the help of Zoolatech, went from a very early and incomplete prototype to the MVP release, the first production release, and the first paying customer!

    Greg Wagenhoffer
    Greg Wagenhoffer CEO,
    4 - 7
  • Partnering with Zoolatech allowed us to quickly take on a larger project by augmenting our existing team with vetted developers. Professional and also personable, our account manager sought to understand our objectives and helped us to deliver the project on time and on budget. Overall, Zoolatech fit well with our needs for agile development and continued to adapt as our needs evolved.

    Forrest Glick
    Forrest Glick UX Designer,
    Stanford University
    5 - 7
  • Time is your most valuable currency when starting a business. Zoolatech enabled us to build a world-class engineering team quickly and efficiently. Zoolatech's pre-screening process and engineer training are customized for providing effective engineers that can contribute immediately to accelerating product roadmaps.

    Forrest Glick
    Shariq Minhas CTO,
    6 - 7
  • Working with Zoolatech has been a driving force behind the advancement in our business offerings. The team utilizes it's experience and expertise meshing with our internal team creating a positive work environment and essentially becoming part of your company. Zoolatech is by far one of the best teams to work with in the industry.

    Kris Naidu
    Kris Naidu CEO,
    7 - 7

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