Top 15 offshore software development companies you can trust
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Published 7, Feb 2024

Hiring offshore development teams globally to save costs and tap into a large talent pool is a trend that’s picking up in popularity. According to Marketsplash, 34% of organizations adapt their strategy to use outsourcing services and only 9% consider hiring an in-house team. Industry leaders, including Bosch, Microsoft, and Pandora, favor software outsourcing services.

Navigating the abundance of offshore software development can be a challenge. So, how do you select a trustworthy partner for custom solution development?

We have analyzed 100 companies and selected 15 top offshore outsourcing companies based on criteria, such as: 

  • Case studies, client testimonials, and client referral rate  
  • Specific domain and tech expertise you are looking for 
  • Location of the partner-to-be
  • How quickly and easily the company can scale your team
  • Employer brand of the company and its presence on the market
  • Company culture and its values

During our research, we also used Clutch, Glassdoor, company LinkedIn profiles, analytical reports on the regions, and other resources with publicly available information about the tech providers.

When shortlisting providers, we also recommend you consider the following aspects:

  • The professional development, employee growth, and retention programs they offer
  • Their pricing and cooperation models
  • Whether they offer a flexible and customized approach to meet your specific needs 
  • The number of long-term partnerships they have 
  • What their knowledge transfer plan is
  • Their security policies

Top offshore outsourcing companies in Europe

Europe stands out as a powerhouse in the global software development market, with significant growth potential and a burgeoning community of skilled professionals. According to Whitelane Research in 2021, a remarkable 91% of clients expressed satisfaction with the results of collaborating with European outsourcing service providers, underscoring the region’s prominence in meeting diverse business needs.

The software development industry in Europe is on an upward trajectory, poised to reach an impressive revenue of approximately $199 billion by 2027, as reported by Statista. The Evans Data Corporation estimates that there are 5.7 million professional software developers as of 2023, Europe has solidified its position as a key player in the global software development arena, surpassing even the United States in the number of skilled professionals.

1. Zoolatech

ZoolaTech is a full-cycle software development company with Silicon Valley roots, offices in the USA, Mexico, Ukraine, and Turkey, and a strong global presence. The offshore development company works with well-funded startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies across various domains.

ZoolaTech focuses on sustainable growth and long-term impact for its clients’ products. It designs teams and delivery processes that are targeted at long-lasting value — in terms of results, talent management, and costs. 

Its talent pool comprises 60% of senior software engineers and when launching cooperation, the company provides its clients with a team of experts with 5+ years of experience.

ZoolaTechbelieves that building strong, honest, and transparent relationships is the core of building a resilient company, long-lasting partnerships, and robust, market-leading products.

Thanks to the core team’s 20+ years of technology management experience, the company will ensure the in-house delivery speed and quality.

Services: Offshore Delivery Center, Managed Delivery, Team Extension

Expertise: Custom software development, Mobile app development, Legacy Modernization, Cloud Migration, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI.

Industries: Software & Technology, Retail, Financial Services, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Insurance, MarkTech

2. Future Processing

Future Processing is a technology consultancy and software delivery partner that was founded back in 2000 and they deliver end-to-end services to clients globally.

Their core philosophy of putting people first is reflected in their people-centric values and culture. They emphasize transparency, open communication, and a comfortable work environment. Future Processing prioritizes long-term partnerships and complex projects over quick wins.

Services: Consulting, Team Extension, Managed Delivery

Expertise: Consulting, Data migration and modernization, Machine learning, and AI, Digital product services, Cloud services, Pentesting, Solution architecture design and development, DevOps

Industries: Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, Marketing, Media, Transport, Utilities

3. Evozon

Evozon is a software development and consulting agency based in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. They have over 500 experts with diverse roles, including consultants, analysts, architects, developers, designers, and testers. They emphasize honest and clear communication, teamwork, and a continuous loop of hard work and self-improvement.

The offshore outsourcing company embraces a culture of continuous learning, and sharing knowledge through books, experience, training, workshops, and conferences. They encourage experimentation, innovation, and creative thinking to provide thoughtful experiences for clients and users.

Services: Consultancy, Team Extension, Testing Services

Expertise: Strategic consulting, UX & UI design, Frontend and backend development, Cloud services

Industries: Automotive, Financial, Medical, eCommerce

4. Cegeka

Cegeka emerged from the Campine Coal Mines reconversion plan in 1988, transforming from a small team into an international player through trust, cooperation, and long-term vision. The company employs 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud technologies.

Cegeka positions itself at the forefront of innovation, foreseeing that the collaboration between these breakthrough technologies will define and shape the next decade. This vision underscores the company’s focus on staying relevant and impactful in a rapidly changing digital world. Cegeka’s commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship is evident in its Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiatives.

Services: Managed Delivery

Expertise: Application development, Hybrid cloud, Data and AI, Digital workplace, DevOps automation

Industries: Agriculture and food, Energy and utilities, Manufacturing, Professional services, Aviation, Finance and insurance, Retail and leisure, Distribution, Healthcare, Telecom

5. Coherent Solutions

Coherent Solutions is a digital product engineering company dedicated to empowering business success. With a global team of talented professionals, they collaborate seamlessly to deliver innovative solutions that drive measurable business impact. Since its founding in 1995, Coherent Solutions has been at the forefront of digital product engineering, expanding globally and now operating in 10 countries with over 2000 employees.

Their mission is to empower businesses through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions while maintaining an environment where customers feel connected, employees are valued, and transparency prevails. Coherent Solutions’ core values guide the company in delivering exceptional value to employees, clients, and the broader community.

Services: Managed Delivery

Expertise: Digital product engineering, Mobile development, Product design and UX, Data and analytics, DevOps and cloud, Quality assurance

Industries: Financial services, Fitness, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Life sciences, Technology

6. Elinext

Elinext, a client-oriented offshore software development company with a mission to provide quality service in developing and integrating software projects, focuses on delivering innovative tailor-made software to give clients a competitive advantage. With 25 years of experience in custom software development and over 700 employees, 85% of whom are software engineers, Elinext emphasizes quality, business targeting, and innovation.

Elinext values cultural policies, and treating colleagues and customers with respect and professionalism. The company engages in corporate social responsibility and follows flexible engagement models to meet clients’ specific requirements.

Services: Managed Delivery, Maintenance, Support

Expertise: Web and mobile software development, Business analysis, UX and UI, Quality assurance, DevOps

Industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial services and banking, Commerce and shopping, Telecommunication

Top offshore outsourcing providers in Latin America

Outsourcing in Latin America offers a compelling combination of cost-effectiveness, a skilled workforce, cultural compatibility, and technological innovation. As a thriving outsourcing hub, the region provides businesses with the tools and resources needed to achieve their goals while minimizing potential downsides.

Brazil is the region’s largest IT outsourcing market with 500,000 developers, according to Statista. Mexico takes second place with 220,000 developers. Cities like Medellín in Colombia and Córdoba in Argentina are competing to become regional technology centers. The emphasis on digital transformation and innovation has led to a thriving ecosystem, benefitting companies seeking cutting-edge solutions.

7. Icalia Labs

Icalia Labs, initially founded as an Agile Development Shop in 2012, has evolved into a nearshore software product firm. The company’s growth is reflected in its transformation from a team focused on Agile development to a diverse group of professionals from backgrounds like retail, architecture, psychology, and consulting.

The provider distinguishes itself by adopting “The Icalier way,” a commitment to driving positive change for humankind through software. Their mission emphasizes the transformative power of technology in creating meaningful and positive impacts on society.

Services: Managed Delivery, Talent Augmentation

Expertise: Web and mobile development, Legacy software modernization, Digital design

Industries: Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Management consulting

8. MAS Global Consulting

MAS Global is a Florida-based mid-size Agile software development and IT services firm that collaborates with a diverse range ofcompanies and startups. Collaboration and teamwork are integral to their approach, reflecting their belief in the concept that “Together, We Are More.”

MAS Global embraces a culture of continuous learning, staying curious as lifelong learners. They emphasize care for all stakeholders, including employees, clients, the community, and society. The MAS Experience is built on fostering long-term relationships through delivery, responsiveness, flexibility, and positive outcomes.

Services: Managed Delivery

Expertise: Web and Mobile Application Development, Legacy Modernization, Functional and Automation Testing, Microservices Architecture, Enterprise Application Integration, iPaaS, DevOps, Cloud Migration, Cloud Advisory, RPA, Data Solutions

Industries: Manufacturing, Financial Services, Automotive, GPS / Navigation & GIS, Medical

9. Ateliware

Ateliware, a custom software development company based in Curitiba, Brazil, specializes in creating digital products and solutions worldwide. The company’s design and development teams, which participated in the 500 Startups accelerator program in Silicon Valley, prioritize close collaboration with clients and a commitment to continual improvement. Ateliware emphasizes the use of emerging technologies and effective methods in its development process.

The company’s values center around adaptability, driving change with creativity and agility, and enabling collaborative development based on client needs. Ateliware aims to contribute to the transformation of businesses in the short and long terms, focusing on creating products that make a difference from the initial delivery.

Services:  Team Augmentation, Technical Assessment, Design

Expertise: MVP, Web and Mobile Software Development, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Industries: Consumer products and services, Business services, Education, Financial services, Supply chain, Logistics, Transport

10. Ideas2IT Technologies

Ideas2IT is a technology company with a focus on nurturing ideas into high-level software delivery. The company has integrated Silicon Valley’s product DNA into its culture and emphasizes transformative products, adaptability in problem-solving, and inclusivity.

The company’s approach to design focuses on intuitive, user-centric experiences that drive innovation. Ideas2IT is actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, including support for Women in Technology, child education programs, and sustainability efforts.

Services: Managed Delivery

Expertise: Data and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Transformation, Application Modernization, DevOps, IIoT

Industries: Pharma and life sciences, Healthcare, Financial services

Top offshore software development companies in Asia

Outsourcing software development to Asian countries can be a viable and successful strategy, especially when considering cost-effectiveness and access to a skilled workforce. However, it’s worth considering the cultural differences in most of the region. Some Asian countries may also face challenges related to infrastructure limitations, political instability, or other regional factors that could impact project continuity.

On the other hand, Asian countries have developed expertise in specific technological domains. For example, China has seen success in IoT and AI projects, while India is known for a wide range of IT services.

11. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a software development company established in 2009, specializing in IT consulting and services, particularly known for innovative digital solutions. Based in India, with sales and marketing offices in the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, and the UAE, OpenXcell helps businesses build and scale dedicated teams. The offshore development company focuses on delivering cost-effective, functional, user-centric, and innovative technical solutions.

The company emphasizes attention to detail, quality assurance, and meticulous talent selection to assist businesses in becoming profitable assets. OpenXcell positions itself as a reliable partner for businesses seeking software development solutions, with a focus on innovation, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Services: Managed Delivery

Expertise: Mobile and Web App Development, Product Engineering, UX.UI Design, Quality Assurance, AI & ML. Blockchain, DevOps, eCommerce

Industries: Healthcare, BFSI Solutions, Logistics, eCommerce, Education, Sports & Gaming, Energy & Utility, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, SaaS

12. Savvycom

Savvycom is an Information Technology company based in Vietnam since 2009, focusing on digital transformation consulting services and software solutions in Finance, Healthcare, and Retail for both domestic and international businesses. Headquartered in Hanoi, with representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City, the USA, and Australia, Savvycom aims to leverage Vietnam’s engineering resources to empower global businesses through technology. Their vision is to become a leading Digital Technology company in ASEAN.

The company provides flexible IT services as a fully integrated team of strategists, technologists, and designers committed to excellence. The company emphasizes client feedback and invites collaboration with a Partnership Manager for free consultations.

Services: Managed Delivery, Team Augmentation

Expertise: Digital Transformation Solutions, Web and Mobile App Development, Custom Enterprise Software, Blockchain, Cloud & DevOps

Industries: Banking, Financial Services, Education, Beauty, B2B & Digital Payments

13. Orfeostory Pte

Orfeostory Pte was established in 2011 as a mobile app development company, and it evolved into a comprehensive mobile app and web development agency. The agency focuses on making the digital landscape accessible and manageable for SMBs, startups, and companies in Singapore, aligning their success with the achievements of their clients.

The company positions itself as a reliable, long-term partner for mobile app and website development, driven by a commitment to innovation, client empowerment, and staying ahead of industry trends.

Services: Managed Delivery

Expertise: Mobile and Web App Development, Website Design, CRM App Development, Website SEO, WordPress Plugin Development

Industries: eCommerce, Financial Services, Government, Hospitality & Leisure, Information Technology

14. IndiaNIC

IndiaNIC is an offshore software development company established in 1998. The company specializes in delivering industry-led mobility solutions, including web and mobile application development, with a focus on technologies like IoT, AI-ML, AR-VR, Voice assistants, DevOps, and Cloud computing.

The company’s core values include delivering reliable and quality services, prioritizing client satisfaction, adopting a result-oriented approach, and maintaining integrity in everything. IndiaNIC values lasting relationships with clients and believes in making a difference in people’s lives by helping them achieve their goals.

Services: Managed Delivery, Team Extension

Expertise: Enterprise Development, Digital Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Quality Assurance, Web and Mobile Development

Industries: Healthcare, Logistics, Education, Media & OTT, Travel, Retail, Construction, Beauty & Lifestyle, Sports, Legal, Finance, Social Media, Insurance, Manufacturing, IT & Telecom, Marketplace

15. Hengtian

Hengtian is a technology services company formed through an alliance among State Street Corporation, Insigma Technology, and Zhejiang University back in 2004. It provides offshore and onshore technology services, solutions, and consulting to clients like State Street, Cisco, Nike, and others in various countries. The company originated from the ZJU State Street Technology Center and has grown into a global software research and development hub.

The company aims to bridge the real and digital worlds, offering one-stop technology services in fields such as digital finance, new retail, smart energy, and government digital services.

Services: Managed Delivery, Team Extension

Expertise: System Modernization, Quality Assurance, CX Design, Mobile and Web Development, Data Science and Deep Learning, Blockchain, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps

Industries: Financial Services, eCommerce, Information Technology, Manufacturing


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