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We will help you build stable, scalable, and user-friendly mobile applications from scratch or ramp up your mobile app development capacity. 

Mobile strategy consulting and prototyping

Have a great idea and need to validate it?

We’ll conduct a thorough market analysis and competitor audit, define goals and target audience, design the right development and marketing strategy, create a product development roadmap, and MVP. Our team will help you build a prototype to strike the right balance between launching fast, minimizing the tech debt, and optimizing costs.

Full-cycle mobile application development

Need to build a mobile app from scratch?

We offer full-cycle mobile app development services, from a Discovery Phase and Product Design to implementation, testing, release, post-release support, analytics, and further product improvement. We’ll have you covered each step of the way, helping to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and make future-proof decisions.

App migration and modernization

Need to modernize your app, reduce maintenance costs and boost scalability? 

We’ll conduct an audit of your application, choose the most suitable tech stack and migration strategy, and ensure its efficient implementation.

Scaling up your mobile app development capacity

Need to extend your team with high performing software engineers to deliver your mobile app faster, while reducing costs? 

We’ll help you scale your team quickly and with the best cost-value ratio for your business.

We’ve helped a Fortune 500 FashionTech company build the app that has 10 million downloads. Want to launch a stellar application?
Reach audiences on different platforms
Native Mobile App Development
Build feature-rich apps for iOS and Android platforms. Benefit from optimized performance, enterprise-level scalability, enhanced user experience, and higher customizability.
  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Apple Watch App Development
  • Apple TV App Development
  • App Clips Development
  • Android Mobile App Development
  • Android TV App Development
  • Android Tablet App Development
  • Android Wear App Development
Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Create mobile applications that can run on multiple operating systems and platforms with a single codebase. Benefit from reduced costs and faster time-to-market.

React Native
Progressive Web Development

Get native-like capabilities and installability while reaching anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase. Benefit from lower development and maintenance costs.

Powered by decades of proven expertise
We will help you develop a clean and intuitive user interface, following the principles of Material Design for Android and Human Interface Guidelines for iOS.
We guarantee your user data is protected by using the latest industry standards and ensure transparent rules of personal data usage and storage.
Our experts will help you move your mobile strategy to the cloud to boost scalability and performance, while optimizing workloads and decreasing maintenance costs.
We will help you streamline the CI/CD pipeline and adopt other best DevOps practices. Boost development speed and efficiency, improve system scalability, enhance quality of the end-product, while optimizing costs and resources.
Our experts will help you optimize costs, enhance CI/CD processes, and decrease time-to-market with our manual and automated testing services.
Support & Updates
We will ensure ongoing support for the application, fix bugs, and release regular updates to add new features, address identified issues, and ensure stellar user experience.
Third-party integrations
Our experts will help you easily integrate your mobile app with third-party systems such as payment systems (Stripe, ApplePay, etc.), anti-fraud, antibot services, and many more. We will ensure smooth multi-party integrations.
We will integrate ML/AI into your mobile app to provide tailored user experiences, improve functionality, unlock data-driven insights, ensure fraud detection, and more.
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Ukraine, Poland, Mexico, Turkey, and the USA
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ODC, Team Extension, Managed Delivery, or mixed
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5+ years of experience
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Fortune 500 companies
Client retention rate
Senior software engineers
Our success stories
We can recommend Zoolatech for their talent pool, attention, ability to understand our requirements, candidate screening process and constant communication.
Chaitanya Pallapothula
SVP, Tailored Brands, Inc.
The apps they’ve developed give us the opportunity to get more customers. We’re providing more services to target big customers, namely companies in the solar industry that’ll use our apps to create proposals. We can install jobs faster and identify reduce bottlenecks, so we’re providing a better customer experience.
Aida Youssef
Senior Director of Software Engineering, Complete Solaria
Sometimes working with an offshore dev team can feel disconnected, but in the case of ZoolaTech, it's a very tight partnership. The team at ZoolaTech is incredibly collaborative, and we work as a team despite being thousands of miles away from each other.
Spencer Rascoff
Co-founder & Chair, Pacaso, Recon Food & dot.LA
Partnering with Zoolatech allowed us to quickly take on a larger project by augmenting our existing team with vetted developers. Professional and also personable, our account manager sought to understand our objectives and helped us to deliver the project on time and on budget. He was thoughtful in learning about the existing product and efficient in assessing our needs. Zoolatech’s developers quickly became an integral part of our team effort with whom we shared daily stand up calls. Overall, Zoolatech fit well with our needs for agile development and continued to adapt as our needs evolved.
Forrest Glick
UX Designer, Stanford University
Working with Zoolatech has been a driving force behind the advancement in our business offerings. The team utilizes it's experience and expertise meshing with our internal team creating a positive work environment and essentially becoming part of your company. Zoolatech is by far one of the best teams to work with in the industry.
Kris Naidu
CEO, Zeacon
Zoolatech has access to a deep talent pool and knows how to identify their client's needs. Zoolatech was great in the hiring process as their pre-screening resulted in me and the team to only needing interview 3 people for 2 openings, and both have worked out great! With the help of Zoolatech, went from a very early and incomplete prototype to the MVP release, the first production release, and the first paying customer!
Greg Wagenhoffer
CEO, GreenVisr
Time is your most valuable currency when starting a business. Zoolatech enabled us to build a world-class engineering team quickly and efficiently. Zoolatech's pre-screening process and engineer training are customized for providing effective engineers that can contribute immediately to accelerating product roadmaps.
Shariq Minhas
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