Reduce time-to-market, boost flexi-bility and efficiency, while saving costs. We’ll help you build offshore dedicated teams fast and integrate them seam-lessly into your delivery process.


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Reduce time-to-market, boost flexi-bility and efficiency, while saving costs. We’ll help you build offshore dedicated teams fast and integrate them seam-lessly into your delivery process.

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Benefit from ODC with ZoolaTech 

An Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) is a strategic business model that is generally used for long-term partnerships and can be scaled up or down as per your evolving business needs. ODCs are well-suited for substantial, complex, and ongoing projects that require a dedicated and integrated team. 

Reduced costs

Reduced costs

  • One of the primary benefits of setting up an ODC is cost reduction. Offshore locations often have lower labor and operational costs, allowing you to complete projects and tasks at a fraction of the cost compared to doing them in-house. The cost savings are especially significant when you need to augment your development capacity with a large engineering team.
  • ZoolaTech will provide you with the tech talent and team composition that are the best fit for your specific type of company at a specific point of time and will deliver the best cost value ratio. With focus on long-lasting efficiency and performance.
Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and Flexibility

  • ODCs allows you to quickly expand or reduce your offshore team based on your changing business needs.
  • You can adjust your team size and composition to match the demands of specific projects, ensuring optimal resource allocation. We will help you ramp up and down your engineering teams quickly, painlessly, and cost-efficiently while you avoid recruitment, HR, administration, and infrastructure overhead.
Enhanced Productivity and Quality

Enhanced Productivity and Quality

  • ZoolaTech ODCs follow industry best practices and quality standards, ensuring high-quality outputs, proven by success stories of our clients
  • You can benefit from a culture of continuous improvement and engineering excellence, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

  • Leveraging an ODC can provide you with a competitive advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness, speed to market, and access to specialized skills.
  • It allows you to stay agile and respond quickly to changing market conditions.
Time Zone Advantages

Time Zone Advantages

  • ODCs located in different time zones can provide around-the-clock services. This enables you to offer 24/7 customer support and faster project turnaround times.

How we build ODCs for your long- lasting success

Teams built to last

Teams built to last. Team composition and scaling with focus on long-term cost-efficiency for your business.


Operational excellence and proven cost-efficiency with each new tool, technology, and team member added.

Transparent, clear communication

Transparent, clear communication, and established team management practices. Experienced Tech-nical Project Managers and Delivery managers.

Conducting cultural trainings

Fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. Conducting cultural trainings.

Ensuring the in-house level of delivery

Ensuring the in-house level of delivery speed and quality.

Knowledge retention and knowledge transfer plan

Knowledge retention and knowledge transfer plan. 

Ramping up and down your offshore dedicated teams

Ramping up and down your offshore dedicated teams fast and easily.

We helped a Fortune 500 retail company build an Offshore Delivery center that comprises 185 people and 40 teams.

Areas of expertise that we cover: cloud migration (cloud cost optimization),  iOS  and Android development, high-load systems, frontend development, integration with third-party systems, support/infrastructure operations, data engineering, and more.

ZoolaTech provided the company with experienced software engineers with a strong ownership mindset that are rooting for the long-lasting success of the product they help to build and deliver.

The ODC provided the flexibility to scale the team up or down and the access to a diverse talent pool, resulting in increased innovation and quicker problem-solving. The digital shopping experience and customer health improved significantly due to the faster product launches and well-grounded tech choices.

What’s more, the company achieved substantial cost savings in software development and IT operations, allowing them to invest in other strategic initiatives.

The ability to respond swiftly to market changes and the cost-effective operations gave the client a competitive edge in the retail industry.

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