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Cognitops is a B2B SaaS company headquartered in Austin, Texas and providing supply chain solutions to Fortune 500 companies.
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What our challenge was

As the business was growing and scaling exponentially, the data flow was increasing daily, and new challenges were arising:

  • Scale the system to support the exponential SaaS customer base growth, speed up the onboarding process for new customers.
  • Ensure that increased load or data quality issue for some customers is not affecting others.
  • Ensure bulletproof data privacy and client experience compartmentalization.
  • Ensure that the complexity of the solution and maintenance cost would both remain under control as the quantity of customers increased, and collected data and customizations grew exponentially.
What our solution was

The team created a unique architecture for collecting and storing petabytes of data which allowed analyzing it to generate meaningful insights and statistics. Customers were isolated from each other while the code and core functions were shared. Whenever a new feature was added for one customer, it was possible to reuse it for others. At the same time, the design guarantees data privacy and security for each customer.

Many efforts were spent to create a so-called “Normalizer” which helps to use data that might not be complete or could be broken. It was even possible to make a generic data model for all customers regardless of the data that is received. Finally, the newly-created architecture allowed smooth onboarding of new customers regardless of the data structures and business processes they are using.

The outcomes of this project

By creating a solution which ensures an extreme level of data privacy and security, the team leveraged the platform’s anonymized knowledge for the mutual benefit of all the platform clients.

We took a bet when we decided to partner with Zoolatech and it’s been paying off in spades. In particular, we’ve been impressed with the quality of teammates and the speed at which Zoolatech has been able to source and land engineers that could help our internal team. On top of that, they’ve ensured that they choose teammates that have experience with the technology stack we’re dealing with. Due to that, we have a great relationship. Essentially, we measure the success based on customer activations — specifically the ability of our business to take on new work and activate customers because of the software engineering team. In connection with that, if we compare our year-over-year, we’ve been able to onboard ten times more clients because of Zoolatech
Alex Ramirez
CEO, CognitOps
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