Complete Solaria

Enhancing system delivery speed, resilience, and scalability by implementing software development best practices and eliminating technical debt.

  • Front-End Engineering
  • Back-End Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering & DevOps
  • Energy & Utilities
Engagement Models:
  • Extend the Team
  • Service Development

Complete Solaria offers residential solar design services. A robust system that manages all the backend processes allows them to provide their customers with a digital experience.

The Challenge.

The Company had to scale quickly due to a market boom in renewable energy.

Moreover, to keep up with a developing technology industry, this Company had to ensure their business strategy was executed with consistency, resilience, and security. Thus, the existing solution required a professional assessment to fully recognize the necessary improvements.

The Solution.

Engineers from Zoolatech evaluated the situation and working with the Partner's team took the following steps:

  • Created a list of improvements for front-end, back-end, and architectural infrastructure.
  • Designed the technical roadmap accordingly and blended it into the product backlog.
  • Resolved all major technical issues and updated the key technologies to their latest versions.
  • Successfully migrated the solution to the AWS cloud.

After fixing the immediate problems and taking technical constraints into account, teams established the Agile process and started to deliver value in a consistent and reliable way. Now the solution runs smoothly, and business features are deployed to production on a regular basis, one sprint at a time.

Tech Stack.

  • PHP


  • laravel


  • Nginx


  • MySQL


  • Redis


  • AWS


  • GSP

    Google Cloud

  • S3


  • VueJS


  • JS


The Outcomes.

The team significantly improved the system delivery speed, resilience, and scalability by implementing software development best practices and by systematically resolving the technical debt.

As a result, the company can devote more resources to other strategic concerns, like implementing game-changing initiatives.


“It’s not easy to find resources with that level of expertise”
Aida Youssef
Aida Youssef Senior Director of Software Engineering

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