A secure access system for
a leading US construction
management company
Construction & Real Estate
About Client
Business challenge:
This organization serves over 10,000 customers around the globe, with over 1.6 million users. Currently, the company’s data has totaled over 500m files, equating to 6 petabytes of storage in s3.
Cooperation Models:
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  • Back-End Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering & Devops
  • Data Analysis
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Ranked at the top of the industry, this client is known to be one of the most popular construction software companies in the United States.

The software is designed to support a variety of construction projects, such as industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers, and more.

The Challenge.

The Zoolatech team was tasked with building a solution to secure access to file storage for one of the top construction management SaaS organizations in the United States.

  • The previous solution allowed users outside of the organization to access internal files, which could lead to serious issues such as identity theft and financial loss — as well as placing the Company in danger of prosecution.
  • The task was to build a secure, auditable, and scalable solution. In addition to following the highest levels of security standards, the solution needed to allow existing customers to migrate without any downtime or issues of accessing ongoing projects, files, and users.
The Solution.

To help the Partner protect important files from cyberattack and corruption, we built a solution that ensures internal information is safeguarded from unauthorized users and intruders. The final product included a monitoring system that closely tracks events related to user operations and administers proper auditing.

To build a system that fits the business and security needs, the Zoolatech team analysed the existing monolithic structure to properly identify all functionalities responsible for managing files and any potential security gaps related to file sharing.

Zoolatech achieved the following goals:
  • Implemented standard access patterns when working with internal files by avoiding insecure and disorganized file path classifications;
  • Embedded authentication and authorization for all systems and users that manage files in order to leverage secure access control;
  • Applied consistent auditing functionalities at the file level;
  • Ensured storage independence. This allows each team and project to distinguish stored files and the associated auditing logs.
Additional functionality of the platform includes:
  • Centralized authentication which allows certain levels of customization as per the needs of the project;
  • Configurable auditing at the file level;
  • Increased scalability and functional independence through an implemented microservice architecture;
  • Detailed and consistent documentation, allowing for successful solution updates and the prevention of potential risks of failure.
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