Empowering a Mobile App
with 10M+ Downloads:
Zoolatech's Five-Year Partnership
5 years+ ongoing
Business challenge:
The client needed to rapidly expand its mobile app development capabilities, manage high traffic spikes during critical sales events, and ensure the maintenance of code quality and compliance with industry standards.
Zoolatech approach:
Zoolatech has been gradually assuming more ownership and becoming a strategic mobile app development partner for the client. The Zoolatech team and a corresponding team based in the United States share equal rights and responsibilities. We collaborate and proactively leverage our technical expertise, implement standardized processes and design patterns, propose innovative solutions, and diligently monitor and support mobile-specific metrics.
Value delivered:
We helped our client increase development velocity and boost time-to-market by two times; improve scalability and avoid downtime during peak times; significantly improve user experience and increase engagement time.

All that resulted in our client’s revenue growth and gaining a competitive edge.

10 million downloads on iOS and Android
Increasing engagement time by over 40%.
Increasing the number of purchases by 22%
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Business Challenge

Our client’s mobile challenges were:

Rapid Growth: The need to rapidly expand its workforce to meet escalating demands in mobile app development and support.

High Traffic Events: Frequent massive traffic spikes during critical sales events and high traffic the rest of the year, requiring seamless updates and constant monitoring to avoid downtime.

Quality Control: The critical importance of maintaining code quality and compliance with industry standards.

Zoolatech Approach

Zoolatech responded to these challenges with a comprehensive and proactive mobile-focused strategy:

Ownership and Autonomy: Zoolatech has established a dedicated mobile team of over 60 professionals, managing Android analytics, releases, and feature implementations, and ensuring consistency and excellence in iOS projects, mirroring the US counterpart team.

Proactive Expertise: Our mobile teams proactively contribute suggestions and insights, applying deep technical knowledge to create prototypes that enhance the mobile app’s user experience.

Mobile Best Practices: We adopted standardized processes, design patterns, and conventions to maintain consistency within the extensive mobile development team.

Innovative Mobile Solutions: We consistently showcase our ability to suggest and develop innovative mobile solutions without specific requirements, demonstrating our research and problem-solving capabilities.

Mobile Metrics & Production Support: Continuous monitoring of mobile-specific metrics and rapid incident resolution with tiered Pager Duty to ensure mobile app stability and reliability.


The Zoolatech team has developed, tested, and implemented mobile features that have significantly enhanced the user experience of the mobile application:

To drive higher user engagement, improve customer retention, and boost daily app visits, ultimately resulting in increased revenue and growth, the team implemented these critical features:

  • Payment systems integrations: The integration of multiple payment systems, such as PayPal, AfterPay, and ApplePay, allows users to select their preferred payment method, increasing the number of purchases.
  • Loyalty program: Implementation of a “Rewards” module and introduction of a customer loyalty program for our client’s end-users help retain existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Dynamic components and layouts: Development of a dynamic homepage with components and layouts that can change daily without requiring app updates. This influences users to visit the app more frequently as they are constantly greeted with fresh and personalized content.

In pursuit of enhanced customer engagement and increased satisfaction, the team added features:

  • Purchase History Module: A user-centric module was created to offer order tracking, return initiation, and a comprehensive view of past purchases, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Push Notification Enhancements: Various push notification features, such as price drop alerts, in-stock notifications, and personalized feeds, were developed to boost user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Looks Module: An AI-powered “Looks” or “Outfits” module was implemented to help users curate coordinated ensembles, personalizing the app and making it more engaging.
  • Visual Search: A visual search feature utilizing machine learning algorithms allows users to search for products using images, improving the user experience and engagement while offering an efficient way to find preferred items.
  • iOS Widgets: The development of iOS widgets enhanced user convenience and engagement, contributing to increased user interaction with the app.

Guest Checkout increased the average revenue rate from purchases by 12% on Android by allowing non-authorized users to purchase goods. It came right on schedule, just in time for one of the busiest traffic events. To accomplish this, the following team developed considerable enhancements for each module with which users interact:

  • Product Page: Guests now can add items to their shopping cart.
  • Shopping Bag: A user-friendly shopping bag with editing and shipping options for guests.
  • Guest User Recommendations: Enhanced product suggestions for guest users.
  • Checkout Experience: Streamlined checkout steps for guest users.
  • Payment Process: Improved payment flow for guest users.

To ensure a smooth and successful experience for millions of users QA and Technical Support are constantly working on mobile apps:

  • On Android we built QA processes from scratch, covering QA cycles, smoke testing, regression testing, and test plans.
  • We follow OWASP secure coding practices, ensuring compliance with security standards.
  • Continuous technical support and proactive code refactoring.
  • Ongoing architecture transformation using Jetpack Compose for improved scalability and user experience.
  • Using Pager Duty to take action to resolve issues, minimizing downtime, and ensuring the reliability of services.

What We Have Achieved Together

Throughout our half-decade partnership, we have accomplished notable milestones:

  1. Efficiency: Development velocity doubled, enabling the swift implementation of features and clearing a backlog of innovations.
  2. Reliability: Regular bi-weekly releases featuring new enhancements were consistently delivered without disrupting production.
  3. Scalability. Our architecture was designed with scalability in mind, seamlessly accommodating the integration of new applications and features, thereby supporting the client’s continued expansion.
  4. Quality Assurance. Error rates lowered with extensive manual and automation coverage, ensuring a smooth user experience while mitigating business losses.
  5. Trust and Confidence. The client placed unwavering trust in Zoolatech’s capabilities, entrusting us with critical projects serving millions of users.

The improvements in mobile development translated into enhanced mobile app performance, speed, and user engagement, resulting in increased mobile app usage, user satisfaction, and higher conversion rates on mobile devices.

Value delivered

The ongoing partnership doubled development speed, reliability, scalability, and reduced errors. The app gained modules that improved business metrics: guest checkout, boosting sales, and user experience. The team improved mobile features, integrating payment systems, “Purchase History,” “Rewards,” push notifications, a dynamic homepage, and visual search.
The app reached 10 million downloads on iOS and Android with 179k monthly downloads, impacting revenue growth, user engagement, and purchase revenue positively. The Android team doubled app revenue in three years, increasing engagement time by over 40%.

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