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Online marketplace that provides borrowers with competitive, personalized loan offers from multiple, vetted lenders in real time.

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USA Fintech Company

Being an independent matchmaker between borrowers and lenders, our client has created a simple online service to empower young professionals with knowledge of multiple refinancing options and to contribute in the creation of a more dynamic loans market, receptive to an informed consumer.

What our
challenge was

Zoolatech was hired to extend the client's engineering team in October 2017. Our team was approached to work on new clients' onboarding, partnership integrations and product improvement.

What our
solution was
  • Our solution allowed borrowers to compare the actual refinance rates in 3 minutes without leaving the site.
  • We created an automated solution to collect documents such as W2s, 1099s, bank statements and tax records, making application process easier and faster than a traditional, offline one.
  • We digitalized document upload and sign off processes to decrease the time borrower will spend on the application.
  • Our technology provided users with an option to shop and complete the entire refinance process “on the platform,” similarly to how booking is done while shopping for an airline ticket, hotel room, or buying essentials on Amazon.
  • Within less than one year after cooperation began, engineering team helped launching Mortgages – new vertical of business, automate engineering processes and succeed in Monolith to MicroService architecture refactoring.

Tech Stack.

  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails

  • Kubernetes


  • React


  • Node.js


  • TypeScript


  • AWS


  • Docker


  • GraphQL


  • Backbone.js


  • Next.js


  • Marionette.js


The outcomes
of this project.
  • User registration and single sign on feature have been refactored to benefit from AWS services.
  • Custom A\B testing solution providing more power and flexibility for business and data analysis.
  • Modern approach to the API based on Facebook GraphQL.
  • New robust integration between platform and Customer Care tools.
  • Digitized mortgage 1003 paperwork
  • Intelligent approach to represent user with best offers.
  • Integration with domainspecific 3rdparty services and credit bureaus.
  • Digitized application document upload and sign off process.
  • Salesforce Back office operations (loan officer tasks, document management, etc).
  • Established Salesforce Continuous Integration processes.
  • Launched preapproval for mortgage purchase.
  • Drafted widgets in which the user can see real products without registration and place the widgets on the partner’s website.
  • A system for monitoring and alerting (creating incidences) in the case of unstable behaviour of the system has been developed.
  • Implementation of a 1003 URLA (Uniform Residential Loan Application) standart.
  • Automation & performance testing.
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usa fintech company

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