Legacy modernization to boost
robustness, scalability, and
security of a construction
management system
24 Months
3 people
Construction, Software&Technology
Business challenge:
A construction management software faced critical challenges due to outdated technology components.
Zoolatech approach:
The approach involved a series of strategic upgrades: 1. Ruby and Rails Upgrade: 2. Introducing advanced features 3. Adoption of a deprecation toolkit.
Value delivered:
The application modernization helped to boost security, scalability, and robustness of the cloud-based construction management software
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Business Challenge

The core application of our client was confronted with critical challenges due to outdated technology components. The primary issues included:

  • Security vulnerabilities: Both Ruby and Rails versions were obsolete, exposing the system to security risks.
  • Performance limitations: The older versions resulted in slower performance, impacting user experience and operational efficiency.
  • Feature constraints: Lack of access to newer, more efficient features hindered the application’s development and scalability potential.
Zoolatech approach

The approach involved a series of strategic upgrades:

  • Ruby and Rails Upgrade: Transitioned from Ruby on Rails 4.2 to 7.0, and Ruby from 2.6.3 to 3.0. This move addressed approximately 60 security issues and provides access to the latest improvements.
  • Introducing advanced features: The upgrade facilitated access to advanced functionalities like real-time communication, enhanced security, more efficient memory usage, and improved web performance.
  • Deprecation Toolkit adoption: To manage the continuous cycle of deprecations, the team implemented the Deprecation Toolkit. This tool improved deprecation visibility and management, helping maintain code quality and consistency.

Value Delivered

The extensive upgrades have greatly enhanced the system’s capabilities.

  • Firstly, the security infrastructure has been significantly reinforced,
  • Secondly, the application’s robustness and scalability have been considerably improved.
  • What’s more, the implementation of the Deprecation Toolkit has also been valuable, enabling efficient tracking and management of deprecations within our codebase. This toolkit has proven to be an invaluable resource for other teams and developers, assisting in avoiding outdated methods and effectively monitoring deprecation resolution progress.
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