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Teaming up on application and website development

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Luxury Fashion Retailer

The Partner, the Fortune 500 fashion retailer, recently commissioned Zoolatech to collaborate on their website and mobile application development, as well as developing their in-house team. Our work with The Partner focuses on creating scalable, memorable, and engaging customer experiences by identifying and meeting consumer demands.

Our engineers work on improvements for the main and mobile websites, application development for both iOS and Android, back-end services, search engine, data engineering, content generation, and sharing our best practices with the Partner to help improve the quality of the product.

What our
challenge was

With a data-driven approach to customer service, our Partner challenged Zoolatech to go beyond the ordinary reporting functionalities. The goal was to create a dashboard platform not only to gather but also to process and analyze data from different sources like the website, mobile site and mobile apps.

The Partner was looking for a dashboard that was flexible enough to allow us to dissect the data for each platform separately in any shape or form necessary.

What our
solution was
  • We produce all clickstream events into Kinesis Analytics Stream.
  • We are using Kinesis Analytics Applications for online data processing.
  • AWS Lambdas consume from the Kinesis Analytics Stream, doing filtering of unused events and removing unused fields.
  • AWS Lambdas are used to convert data to DataDog Custom Metrics format and send it to AWS Cloudwatch.
  • Datadog Call is on a separate Lambda which consumes events from Cloudwatch logs.
  • For online calculations, without joins, we are using Lambdas that consume from KA Stream transforming events to Datadog custom metrics format and sending the data to Datadog.
  • We can calculate the sum of these events for needed timeframe using Datadog’s built-in functions.

Tech Stack.

  • JavaScript


  • Spring


  • Node.js


  • Kotlin


  • Scala


  • Python


  • Go


  • Java


  • AWS


  • React


  • Swift


The outcomes
of this project.

We created the interactive dashboards that are used by management to gather and analyze the funnel on all platforms, enabling them to see the conversion rate, number of users, YoY comparison and see key metrics, all in one place.

These dashboards and the procedure for monitoring key metrics involved entering several different systems to dig out data from previous periods, compare it with the current period and predict a sales timeline, both on daily basis and during big events such as the Anniversary Sale and the holiday season.

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