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After most tech companies switched to remote or hybrid work, it became the main challenge to ensure that user devices are up-to-date, secure, and fully operational.

A Mobile Device Management solution can assist organizations to reduce the time spent preparing employee workspaces by 90%.

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The Challenge.

Tegus’ challenge was to support their employees who work remotely. The following issues became the most relevant:

  • Remotely lock and wipe devices
  • Automatically deliver software updates
  • Distribute new applications
  • Manage user permissions
  • Apply security policies
  • Automatically enroll new devices (e.g., a newcomer receives a brand new laptop, during the first login the machine is automatically enrolled to MDM. All applications and policies are installed without IT involvement)
The Solution.

The Zoolatech team worked closely with Tegus throughout each stage of project development and execution:

  • Policy preparation — focusing mainly on: compliance, encryption, firewall and network configuration, device security, and user accounts.
  • Fulfilled the solution configuration — both MS Intune and Kandji Solutions were implemented with accordance to the agreed requirements, including Kandji integration with Apple Business Manager.
  • Performed all the required tests — Multiple user enrollment processes, distributed applications, update installations (Tested thoroughly in both MS Intune and Kandji.)
  • Prepared and shared documentation for both User and Admin — In-depth guides instruct the User on how to enroll in MDM and troubleshoot any potential issues. The Administrator documentation focuses on modifications of existing policies, management of employee devices, and how to deploy additional applications.
  • Provided service support — Zoolatech engineers are available via Slack and Zoom to assist with questions, complications, and troubleshooting.
The Outcomes.
  • Our solution reduced employees’ time spent on preparing workplaces by 90%.
  • 85% reduction in user inquiries related to existing software versions.
  • After installation, the average employee spends only 15 minutes preparing a new workplace.
  • The entire system was set up within a month and over 500 employees were fully connected within 2.5 months.

We built a dashboard in which Admins can easily manage and maintain all connected devices. All user devices are under the Partner’s control; in case of emergencies, any device can be encrypted, locked, or wiped.

Moreover, the Partner’s IT Helpdesk has experienced a sizable reduction in ticket submissions, as newcomers are now able to install and configure the entire workplace on their own with minimal issues.

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