Building an Offshore Delivery
Center for a Fortune 500
FashionTech company
186 experts
40 teams
About our client
Our client is a Fortune 500 company and a major player in the US FashionTech sector.
The client needed to rapidly expand its development capabilities to boost flexibility and accelerate modernization, adoption of innovations, and delivery of new apps. And the company required a reliable software development partner to help them.
Zoolatech approach:
ZoolaTech provided the company with experienced software engineers with a strong ownership mindset that are rooting for the long-lasting success of the product they help to build and deliver.
Value delivered:
We helped a Fortune 500 retail company build an Offshore Delivery center that comprises 186 people and 40 teams.The ODC provided the flexibility to scale the team up or down and the access to a diverse talent pool, resulting in increased innovation and quicker problem-solving.

The digital shopping experience and customer health improved significantly due to the faster product launches and well-grounded tech choices. What’s more, the company achieved substantial cost savings in software development and IT operations, allowing them to invest in other strategic initiatives.

5+ years partnership
Time to market improved by 100%
179K monthly app downloads
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Boosting flexibility and accelerating modernization

The client needed to rapidly expand its development capabilities to boost flexibility and accelerate modernization, adoption of innovations, and delivery of new apps. And the company needed a reliable software development partner to help them

At first, the key goals we faced were to help with building mobile apps, while managing high traffic spikes during critical sales events, and ensuring the maintenance of code quality. But now, 40 ZoolaTech teams help the client solve a wide range of tech challenges and build a variety of solutions across various areas of expertise (from mobile to cloud and ML).

ZoolaTech approach
Strategic software development partnership:

ZoolaTech has evolved into a strategic software development partner for our client. Our teams, both at ZoolaTech and in the United States, share equal rights and responsibilities. This collaborative effort ensures proactive leveraging of technical expertise, implementation of standardized processes, and proactive proposal of innovative solutions to optimize costs and mitigate potential risks.

  • End-to-end software development
  • Solution Architecture
  • Cloud migration (with focus on cost optimization)
  • Legacy modernization
  • iOS and Android development
  • High-load systems development
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • DevOps
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Support/infrastructure operations
  • Data engineering
  • Machine Learning (MlOps)
Engineers with a strong ownership mindset and teams built to last

ZoolaTech emphasizes team composition and scaling with a focus on achieving the best cost-value ratio for our clients’ businesses. Our approach is centered on building teams that are not only skilled but also adaptable to evolving project requirements.

Our solution architects and principal engineers play a pivotal role in offering technical solutions aligned with the client’s functional needs and overarching their business goals. Their expertise ensures the development of scalable and sustainable solutions. They are invested in the long-term success of the products they help build, delivering solutions that go beyond meeting immediate needs to contribute to sustained success

Operational excellence and cost-efficiency:

With each new tool, technology, and team member added, ZoolaTech is committed to operational excellence and proven cost-efficiency. Our aim is to continually enhance the value we provide to our client through strategic choices focused on long-term results.

Transparent communication and established team management:

ZoolaTech adheres to established team management practices, ensuring that our client is consistently informed, engaged, and aligned with project progress. Experienced Delivery Managers ensure seamless execution and client satisfaction.

Mobile applications
The Problem

Our client’s mobile challenges were:

  1. The need to rapidly expand its workforce to meet escalating demands in mobile app development and support.
  2. Frequent massive traffic spikes during critical sales events and high traffic the rest of the year, requiring seamless updates and constant monitoring to avoid downtime.
  3. The critical importance of maintaining code quality and compliance with industry standards.
The Solution

Zoolatech has established a dedicated mobile team of over 60 professionals, managing Android analytics, releases, and feature implementations, and ensuring consistency and excellence in iOS projects, mirroring the US counterpart team.

Analytical platform
The problem

Decisions were made with little knowledge of the actual business activities. No business entity could access accurate data in one location.

The solution

Zoola engineers created an analytical, digital-first platform that serves as the organization’s data hub. The analytical platform has a flexible, extensible event-driven data architecture. It lets services notify each other of state changes regardless of which services are listening or what actions they take.

Data privacy
The problem

Tens of thousands of users and petabytes of data in the decentralized database make up the enormous data platform, which is pure big data scale.

The solution

Entire PII and Customer sensitive information is tokenized in our project, as well as in the entire organization.

We developed functionality that allows the service to make transactional calls to the organization’s centralized provider of tokenization and redemption data against specific PII data sets. Tokenization and redemption of certificates were developed individually per service and per specific attribute.

Modern data pipeline for POS
The problem

It took a lot of time and effort to update all store POSs each night with the most recent information required to ring transactions.

The solution

We made a modern data pipeline solution that loaded product, price, and promotion data from “source of truth” systems into store POSs. The solution let POSs update their data almost in real time and cut down on the number of incidents, which in turn cut down on the amount of manual work that had to be done.

QA automation for POS. UX/UI modernization
The problem

The Partner required the modernization of the existing POS system. Because POS is a critical system for running day-to-day operations, the quality of modernized POS should be high.

The solution

Zoolatech helped with setting up QA automation from scratch. It included:

  • preparing QA automation strategy;
  • choosing the most suitable test automation framework;
  • documenting and prioritizing test cases and implementing them.
Employee selling tools
The problem

In order to maximize sales in a competitive retail market, store employees must actively participate in the selling process. Zoolatech engineers proposed ways to improve the process.

The solution

Our engineers helped to build:

  • a mobile app that allowed store employees to reserve products for their customers;
  • an app that allowed store employees to order products on behalf of their customers.
Order Management System
The problem

Partner’s order management system from a third-party provider was monolithic, making it difficult to support order visibility, logistics, and customer self-service.

The solution

We built a new order management system with microservices, event-driven architecture, a single order domain, and flexible versioned APIs. The approach focuses on order data, orchestration, and communication, so the company can respond faster to business needs that are always changing.

Operations Center
The problem

The partner struggled with supporting their technology in case an internal or external customer service went down or was interrupted. Lack of transparency and centralization slowed issue resolution.

The solution

NOC was established as a dedicated Operations Center to engage the mandatory units of the impacted services. The NOC focuses on proper and precise IT service management, while engineering teams focus on problem resolution.

Our areas of responsibility:

  1. Consistent monitoring of critical business KPIs, dashboards, and alerts.
  2. First responders — spot issues and respond to ServiceNow incidents.
  3. Monitoring steward: implementing new alerts, dashboards, and standards to improve monitoring capabilities further.
  4. P1 and P2 Incident Response.
  5. Operational Reporting.
  6. Help to drive operational excellence.
  7. Admin owners of the PagerDuty tool — alerting system.

With the help of PagerDuty, the Operations Center can work with engineering teams and leaders to organize separate work tracks for each and provide regular status updates.

Quality assurance and control
The problem

We created the quality assurance process from scratch for our partner, taking into account time zone differences and release management peculiarities.

The solution

We developed a Quality Assurance framework to drive the health of our customer’s brand-new mobile product in order to preserve and elevate their long-standing brand value in retail. We promoted a more effective approach to test coverage and team ownership of the product by establishing both manual and automated processes from the ground up.

Our areas of responsibility

  1. Maintenance and refactoring of automation infrastructure
  2. Working closely with the development teams on feature requirements
  3. Improvement of test runs speed and stability
  4. Velocity tracking and proactive reporting
  5. Creation and maintenance of up-to-date test suites
  6. Creation and verification of test plans
  7. Responsible for signing off the final version of the product for release

We heavily rely on sprint/team/personal metrics to make only balanced and data-driven decisions when it comes to performance and headcount. These metrics include:

  • Automated tests in numbers by various categories
  • Automation test coverage (%)
  • Sprint and average velocity for quarterly planning together with the dev team
  • Bugs/defects found per release statistics with exhaustive filters for retrospective

What we have achieved together
Mobile app development
  • Payment systems integrations:

The integration of multiple payment systems, such as PayPal, AfterPay, and ApplePay, allows users to select their preferred payment method, increasing the number of purchases.

  • Loyalty program:

Implementation of a “Rewards” module and introduction of a customer loyalty program for our client’s end-users help retain existing customers and attract new ones.

  • Dynamic components and layouts:

Development of a dynamic homepage with components and layouts that can change daily without requiring app updates. This influences users to visit the app more frequently as they are constantly greeted with fresh and personalized content.

  • Purchase History Module:

A user-centric module was created to offer order tracking, return initiation, and a comprehensive view of past purchases, enhancing the overall customer experience.

  • Push Notification Enhancements:

Various push notification features, such as price drop alerts, in-stock notifications, and personalized feeds, were developed to boost user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Looks Module:

An AI-powered “Looks” or “Outfits” module was implemented to help users curate coordinated ensembles, personalizing the app and making it more engaging.

  • Visual Search:

A visual search feature utilizing machine learning algorithms allows users to search for products using images, improving the user experience and engagement while offering an efficient way to find preferred items.

  • iOS Widgets:

The development of iOS widgets enhanced user convenience and engagement, contributing to increased user interaction with the app.


Guest Checkout increased the average revenue rate from purchases by 12% on Android by allowing non-authorized users to purchase goods. It came right on schedule, just in time for one of the busiest traffic events. To accomplish this, the ZoolaTech team developed considerable enhancements for each module with which users interact:

  • Product Page: Guests now can add items to their shopping cart.
  • Shopping Bag: A user-friendly shopping bag with editing and shipping options for guests.
  • Guest User Recommendations: Enhanced product suggestions for guest users.
  • Checkout Experience: Streamlined checkout steps for guest users.
  • Payment Process: Improved payment flow for guest users.
Inventory management
  • ZoolaTech helped to deliver a cost management module, which allows the company to deliver on some of their strategic goals: being able to present unowned inventory to their customers,as well as introduce additional controls for inventory management.
  • Our team completed the migration to the v2 version of a critical service. The Zoola team completely owned the design, implementation and roll-out of the complex service over the course of the last 1.5 years. As a result of the migration, the cloud costs were reduced by 4 times and the client received a high-load, scalable, and reliable service working 7 times faster than the previous version.
  • The new, microservices-based order management system helped to improve order visibility, logistics, and customer self-service.
The overall user experience
  • The solution showed exceptional performance during Anniversary events. The system experiences significant load during the Anniversary, so it’s super important for everything to work smoothly. All our teams maintained an impeccable record making sure things ran well and adding extra value for the сlient.
  • Redesign of the product details page.
  • Integration with the third-party service to try out products against the portrait photo of the customer.

Value delivered
Accelerating time-to-market and increasing revenue

ZoolaTech played a pivotal role in helping our client achieve a two-fold increase in development velocity and time-to-market. We helped to improve scalability, prevent downtime during peak periods, and significantly enhance user experience and engagement time.

The apps we helped to develop achieved remarkable milestones, reaching 10 million downloads on both iOS and Android platforms, with 179k monthly downloads. The Android team, in particular, doubled app revenue in just three years, concurrently increasing user engagement time by over 40%. The result was not just revenue growth but a competitive edge in the market.

Cost reduction and operational efficiency:

For a Fortune 500 retail company, we facilitated the establishment of an Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) comprising 185 people and 40 teams. This ODC not only provided the flexibility to scale the team as needed but also granted access to a diverse talent pool, fostering innovation and swift problem-solving.

Legacy modernization and the resulting improvements in digital shopping experiences and customer satisfaction were accompanied by substantial cost savings in software development and IT operations.

Strategic tech solutions for functional needs

ZoolaTech’s solution architects and principal engineers consistently provide tech solutions aligned with our clients’ functional needs and overarching business goals. This ensures that our technological interventions are not just innovative but directly contribute to the achievement of business objectives.

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