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Converting a great idea into a fully functioning product to enhance the customer experience.

  • Services:
  • Business Analysis
  • Product Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Engineering
  • Front-End Engineering
  • Back-End Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering & DevOps
  • Data Analysis
  • Software Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Technical Support
  • Media & Entertainment
Engagement Models:
  • End-to-End Product Development
a vertical social network to research food places, recommend and reconnect with friends through a common love of food by sharing photos, recipes, and experiences with your social network.

Founded by a private investor Spencer Rascoff and his daughter Sophia Rascoff.

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The Challenge.

The challenge was to design and create an MVP version of a vertical social network from scratch.

The MVP version had to have a scalable infrastructure and a codebase designed for further development in case the MVP proved to be successful and able to pivot. We had to implement the project within time and budgetary constraints.


The Solution.

  • We had several working sessions with stakeholders, including business owners and investors. The discussions addressed product design, main functionality, customer personas, metrics, potential roadmap, tools, and services required for integration.
  • We prepared a proposal to ensure everyone was on board with the implementation strategy
    We compiled a team of product-oriented engineers, designers, and product managers to build the application MVP
  • We set up the process and fostered communication to validate the product idea fast and with a cost-efficient approach.
  • We built scalable infrastructure and application architecture to support growing user volume, new requirements, and ideas to validate.
  • We ensured the application complied with the marketplace and legal requirements.
  • We managed the whole development, release, and support process.
  • Once MVP proved successful, we nurtured and maintained a start-up mindset and energy to better adapt to changing needs and desires or customers bringing data-supported functionality to life.

Tech Stack.

  • Go


  • Swift


  • Kotlin


  • React


  • GCP


The Outcomes.

We managed the whole development process in its entirety from the start and end points to ensure our investors would only have to think of marketing strategy and global product ideation strategies.

After the MVP phase, we proceeded with product ideation and development by participating in user sessions to get insight into the app's functioning. We made data-supported decisions based on the insight gathered from the user sessions.

We started the Android app development, which is ongoing, and we have plans to come up with a WEB-based product version.


“Sometimes working with an offshore dev team can feel disconnected, but in the case of ZoolaTech, it's a very tight partnership. The team at ZoolaTech is incredibly collaborative, and we work as a team despite being thousands of miles away from each other.”
Spencer Rascoff Co-Founder of Recon Food

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