Tech Lead/Senior Software Engineer (Ruby/RoR)
Istanbul, Turkey

Together with the Zoolatech team, our partner, a leading construction management company, is at the forefront of developing a cloud-based software solution. This innovative platform is instrumental in the successful completion of major projects including skyscrapers, hospitals, data centers, stadiums, and schools. It streamlines the management of finances, quality, teams, and risks, making these processes transparent, convenient, and regulation-compliant. Our partner is not only an expert in construction management but also a significant technology innovator, actively developing web and mobile solutions. Zoolatech plays a crucial role in supporting their growth, and we are currently on the hunt for a top-tier, result-oriented Backend Engineer.

This role demands a highly experienced and skilled Backend Engineer with a proven track record in developing large-scale web solutions, preferably with a monolithic architecture. The ideal candidate should understand the critical aspects of working within a monolithic framework, be capable of analyzing existing challenges, and focus on enhancing the stability and monitoring of the system to ensure its robustness, stability, and resilience. You will be part of an international, multicultural team dedicated to improving and optimizing the monolithic architecture, contributing to the continuous advancement of our construction management platform.

  • Design, implement, test, and deliver highly scalable, secure, and globally relevant products, ensuring foundational work is solid and aligns with global standards for security and scalability.

  • Help establish standards for development teams and collaborate on initiatives with infrastructure, platform, and other software engineering teams

  • Present your technical designs to both internal and external audiences, providing constructive feedback on others' designs to foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, emphasizing communication skills and thought leadership.

  • Mentor and develop fellow teammates through code reviews, pairing, mob testing sessions, and offering training opportunities, with a focus on promoting leadership skills within the team.

  • Leverage our tech stack: Primarily Ruby/Rails/Node.js/React/Postgres hosted on AWS and increasingly using Kubernetes and languages such as Java and Typescript, CircleCI for Continuous Integration, and a combination of Spinnaker and an in-house tool for CD.

  • Drive critical projects like following:

    • Delivering Software at Scale: We’re growing rapidly and need engineers ready to take on the challenge of building our next-generation CI/CD pipeline to enable hundreds of other developers to deliver high-quality software safely at a high velocity.

    • Delivering Services at Speed: We’re continuing our transition to a service-oriented architecture, and we need to build, test, and deploy pipelines that allow developers to put their services into production quickly and safely, with a minimum of handoffs to other teams.

    • Software Delivery Observability: We intend to become an elite performer in the software industry, and we can only do this if we learn and adapt quickly. We need telemetry from our software delivery systems to continually learn how to improve our lead time for changes, our change failure rate, and our mean time to recover from failure.

  • Software Engineering Proficiency: At least 8 years of experience with a strong foundation in software engineering fundamentals, including Test Driven Development (TDD) and design principles. Proficient in Ruby on Rails, Python, React, JavaScript, Node.js, or similar programming languages.

  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails Expertise: Minimum of 5 years of professional experience with Ruby/Ruby on Rails, demonstrating deep knowledge and skill in this framework.

  • API Development: Experienced in developing and working with RESTful APIs, along with solid experience in PostgreSQL, showcasing ability to design and integrate complex systems.

  • Strategic Problem-Solving: Ability to understand and navigate the trade-offs between short-term and long-term goals, effectively balancing immediate needs with strategic initiatives.

  • Scalability and Infrastructure: Demonstrated experience with software, platforms, and infrastructure at scale, highlighting skills in managing and enhancing large-scale systems.

  • Modern Web Development: Comprehensive experience in modern web development practices, including testing, staging, deploying, and monitoring, ensuring high-quality and robust web applications.

  • Cross-Cultural Teamwork: Proven experience working with international teams across different time zones on large-scale initiatives, illustrating strong collaboration and project management skills.

  • Leadership and Coaching: Demonstrated experience in leading and coaching team members within international and distributed teams, showcasing strong leadership qualities and the ability to mentor effectively across diverse geographical locations.

  • Communication: Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal, essential for effective teamwork, stakeholder engagement, and documentation.

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