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Learn how we created a MVP for location-based mobile service that incorporates social networking elements and marketing.
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About Client

Zeacon App launched in December 2019 and lets users discover, engage, and enjoy experiences near them. This now includes enjoying DigiCal(Digital + Physical) experiences from the safety of your home, allowing organizations to stay open for business despite the current Covid-19 restrictions.

What our challenge was
  • Product research: understand our client’s core concerns, including business modules, objectives, ideas, and target audience.
  • MVP app development (iOS and Android).
  • UX/UI strategy and implementation.
What our solution was
  • Landing page development for pre-launch and marketing needs.
  • UX, UI, graphical design (application design, landing page design, logo and visual identity).
  • Simultaneous iOS and Android app development using React Native framework.
  • Application architecture for Admin and Business portal console.
  • Social networks integration.
  • Business Solution Technology development, including. targeting, retargeting, advertising engine, data analyzing tools.
  • Researched and integrated maps that work well for both Android and iOS.
The outcomes of this project
  • Landing page released as part of the marketing campaign
  • Successful MVP production and release to focus groups
  • Implemented attractive and modern graphical and user interface design
  • Implemented a feature set , allowing users to create and apply for events, follow each other, communicate, and share photos, comments and events within the application
  • The powerful back-end technology and architecture mixed with a data and results-driven team provides businesses with the tools and intelligence to effectively drive foot traffic and sales.


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