7 Tips on how Developers can check out a potential Employer
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Published 15, Aug 2022

When you’re choosing a place to work, you may get many offers from different companies. But how do you figure out whether they are conscientious, whether you would like working there? After all, changing the workplace is a big step and we want it to be as thoughtful as possible. Here are 7 tips from us:

Official employment

If the company is not ready to conclude an employment contract with you, it may be a sign to start looking for another place to work.

Be sure to find out how you will be paid and whether there are any specific conditions for receiving money. We are talking about a salary with or without bonuses, before taxes or with them, and how KPI bonuses are calculated.

Company reviews

When you consider accepting an offer, search for reviews about the company to find out where you will have to work. For example, you can look through reviews about international companies on Glassdoor.

Google "Zoolatech Glassdoor" and see the reviews in the profile. There are also reviews about the company in Ukraine on the dou.ua.

Corporate culture

Any company is, first and foremost, the people who work in it. Therefore, culture, development, training of people, motivation, and atmosphere of the team are factors without which reliable employer assessment is impossible.

Pay attention to how the company takes care of its employees, the events and perks they provide. The best way is to check it out on the corporate social networks: all the company's life story is there.

Track Record with Clients

Pay attention to how long the company has been operating in the market and what kind of customers it has. Also, read customer reviews about the company, so you will understand how your potential employer works with customers.

Look at customer reviews on the company's page on Clutch.

A good employer has a good recruiter

When choosing an employer, pay attention to how honestly and how well the company presents itself on the market, what emotions this brand evokes, how the recruiter talks about the company, its values, corporate culture, and strategy, and answers your questions about it.

The interview is a two-way process, so feel free to ask the recruiter about everything that interests you.


Preferences when choosing a future employer largely are determined by current life goals and objectives, so consider what is important to you when choosing a company: salary level, benefits, professional and career growth opportunities, distance from your place of residence, size and reputation of the company, corporate standards, and culture, conditions, work schedule.

And remember: Good companies are always open about their activities and are proud of their employees.

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