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    eCommerce Shopping Experiene
eCommerce Shopping Experiene

The Future is all about eCommerce. Get ready for it now.

These statistics inspire confidence and bold moves in your eCommerce initiatives. However, let us give you a quick cold shower.

Only 2.6% of online stores successfully earn revenue from their sites.
You know why?
eCommerce is rather easy to start, yet difficult to maintain and scale. That’s the key reason why such a small number of enterprises become profitable.

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  • 95%of all purchases are expected to be via eCommerce by 2040.

  • 14,1%of all retail sales worldwide were eCommerce sales in 2019.

  • $1,1 trillionis what the top 3 largest eCommerce markets were worth in 2019.

  Custom eCommerce Development Process
Custom eCommerce Development Process

Zoolatech team is sure to be able to provide answers to all the questions that trouble you, either at the start of your eCommerce business or at the next big leap you’re about to make.

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When developing an eCommerce website or app, a lot of questions spring up. And the answers to these questions determine the future of your online business.

Challenges Solved by Custom eCommerce Development

  • How to arrange an omnichannel experience?
  • How to make the website or app secure?
  • Should we build a custom eCommerce website or use open-source platforms?
  • How to maintain website speed at the highest level?
  • How to optimize the shopping cart?

Advantages of Hiring an eCommerce Development Company

Access to targeted expertise in the required domain.
You get direct access to professionals who know technical issues of development for eCommerce inside out.

Reduced development costs and extra expenses.
Outsourcing eCommerce development reduces costs by up to 60%. That’s the reason why 64% of the companies consider cost-savings as the primary reason behind choosing outsourcing.

Greater focus on service quality and customer satisfaction.
When you hire an eCommerce developer team, the technological burden is on their shoulders. So you can concentrate on creating WOW marketing campaigns and customer service.

Faster development and productivity.Outsourced IT companies use advanced time management and project development tools and methodologies that save a lot of time and effort.

Why Choose Zoolatech as Your eCommerce Development Partner?

Whether your business aims to grab a thick bite of eCommerce opportunities or simply wants to enjoy a tiny bit of it, our eCommerce development company will help you do so with maximum pleasure and ease.

We provide customizable and SEO-friendly eCommerce websites and eCommerce mobile app development that help you scale up through tough competition and emerge as a powerful business.

What makes us special is our complete focus on your business from the moment of our initial call to the moment we end our contract.

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Our core values and principles are:

  • regular communication and transparency throughout the entire eCommerce development process
  • comprehensive testing prior to delivering the project
  • 360° analysis of the project or solution to spot all possible bottlenecks and growth opportunities

We tailor eCommerce development services to all types of businesses: SMB, eCommerce startups, enterprise solutions, budding companies and businesses with big names.

Why Zoolatech

  • 170+employees
  • 12clients
  • 2+years in operations
  • 90%growth in 2019

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Our Favourite eCommerce Cases

We are happy to bring our expertise to make a significant contributions to businesses and to help them build custom eCommerce solutions that expand their existing customer base and keep clients glued to your store.


Nordstrom is an American chain of luxury department stores, a Fortune 500 fashion retailer. We are helping our client to develop a new CPOS system, and working on ongoing changes in order management, to deliver an outstanding user experience with iOS and Android applications, and to collect and process customers’ and sales data.


The project includes:

  • - Different ways to increase customer engagement through various touchpoints
  • - Collection and management of a huge volume of customer data
  • - Simplifications of searches and introduction of new customers
  • - Integration of an AWS-based system with on-premise solutions
  • - Solutions for displaying near real-time data on selling, marketing, and consumption on devices right at the headquarters’ dashboards

We are happy to bring our expertise to make a significant contributions to businesses and to help them build custom eCommerce solutions that expand their existing customer base and keep clients glued to your store.

Tailored Brands

Tailored Brands is one of the largest retail stores for men’s apparel, owning such brands as Men’s Warehouse, Jos A. Bank, Joseph Abboud, Moores and others. We are helping the company to develop various applications to support its custom tailoring business line both on the backend and in-store.


The project includes:

  • - Within one year we’ve helped Tailored Brands to develop its ‘Custom Builder’ system that allows flexible customization and purchase of men’s apparel in stores and via web
  • - We implemented the best approaches of PWA (Progressive Web Applications) that is designed to work seamlessly on any device – from desktop browsers to native-like full-screen mobile apps
  • - We developed a seamlessly integrated software ecosystem that serves the needs of both clients and employees within the custom tailoring business sector

We are happy to bring our expertise to make a significant contributions to businesses and to help them build custom eCommerce solutions that expand their existing customer base and keep clients glued to your store.


HDS is a next generation retail eCommerce provider that is featuring its own ecosystem, including brand experience, product development, and distribution, so consumers can shop across all categories from hundreds of retailers and enjoy a complete selection of participating retailers’ products.


We are helping HDS to develop the software for its fulfillment centers. The project includes:

  • - Development of backend platform for RoboFS service that features best approaches to Warehouse Execution and Warehouse Management
  • - Integration of the developed software with various endpoints, including a robotic ecosystem inside the warehouse and an eCommerce client-facing platform
  • - Design and development of client mobile applications used on the operator’s devices and fully integrated with warehouse infrastructure

Let’s build a team for the eCommerce project you want to develop

With Zoolatech, you hire eCommerce developers who will progress your business and help it achieve high mobility



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