Top 7 trusted offshore mobile app development companies
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Published 28, Mar 2024

The mobile app development market is growing annually at a 14.3% rate and is expected to almost double by 2030. But how do you choose the right technology partner to help you build a successful mobile app?

To make this decision easier for you, we have thoroughly analyzed around 100 nearshore software development companies according to some essential criteria, including:

  • Case studies, client testimonials, and client referral rate
  • Specific domain and tech expertise you are looking for
  • Location of the partner-to-be
  • How quickly and easily the company can scale your team
  • Employer brand of the company and its presence on the market
  • Company culture and its values

In our research, we have collected and analyzed the info from Glassdoor, Clutch, websites, LinkedIn profiles of the companies, and any publicly available information we could find about these companies. Based on our research, we created a list of the top offshore mobile app development companies you can partner with.

Mobile application development market. Is it worth the investment?

The mobile app development market is thriving, driven by the widespread use of smartphones and the increasing demand for innovative applications. According to Bankmycell, over 60.42% of the global population uses smartphones, and we can expect 6.38 billion smartphone users by 2029.

According to Statista, there are over 2.43 million apps on Google Play and over 1.8 million on the Apple App Store, based on data from Bankmycell. Gaming applications hold the largest revenue share, with the music and entertainment segment expected to experience significant growth. Historical data shows that the mobile application market was valued at $197.2 billion in 2021, with a projected CAGR of 12.8% until 2030. We expect it to generate earnings up to $755 billion by 2027.

The use of mobile technology worldwide, especially in advanced economies, is a key driver. Recent developments, on-demand app development, and disruptive trends contribute to industry growth. AI technology is significant in this regard, as AI-powered mobile applications enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

Investing in mobile app development can be worth it, provided investors conduct thorough market research, identify specific niches or trends, and carefully plan their strategies. The industry’s growth, user engagement, and innovation potential make it an attractive space for investment, but understanding the challenges and staying informed about market dynamics are essential for success.

Mobile development market in numbers

Steps to choosing the right outsourcing company

Deciding on the appropriate mobile software development outsourcing partner is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of your project. Here are a few recommendations to further filter companies and make an optimal decision.

  • See if they have a corresponding portfolio and technology stack. Examine the company’s track record and industry-specific solutions.
  • Beware of jacks-of-all-trades. Be cautious if a company claims to handle everything. Scrutinize case studies to assess competence and success aligned with your needs.
  • Evaluate the provider’s approach. Ensure the candidate’s project management approach aligns with your expectations. Clarify if they plan to deliver a complete product or involve you in iterative stages, starting with minimal functionality.
  • Consider team structure and expertise. Assess if the vendor can provide specialists such as graphic designers, QA testers, business analysts, and project managers based on your project’s needs.
  • Navigate the “value triangle” of quality, price, and speed. Some vendors may compromise quality for affordability, while others offer well-established processes at a higher cost. Find a balance that ensures quality within budget and deadlines.
Top trusted offshore development companies


Offshore mobile development with ZoolaTech

ZoolaTech is a full-cycle software development company with Silicon Valley roots, offices in the USA, Mexico, Ukraine, and Turkey, and a strong global presence. The company works with well-funded startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies across various domains.

Zoola focuses on sustainable growth and long-term impact for its clients’ products. It designs teams and delivery processes for long-lasting value — regarding results, talent management, and costs.

The company’s talent pool comprises 60% of senior software engineers and when launching cooperation the company provides its clients with a team of experts with 5+ years of experience.

Thanks to the company’s core team’s 20+ years of technology management experience, ZolaTech will provide you with all the benefits of mobile development outsourcing and reducing costs, while ensuring the in-house delivery speed and quality.

Services: Offshore Delivery Center, Managed Delivery, Team Extension

Industries: Software & Technology, Retail, Financial Services, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Insurance, MarkTech

Bluegrass Digital

Bluegrass has over 20 years of experience, having originated in the 1990s. Now, the company operates from offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and London, leveraging expert knowledge, experience, and a proven track record of creating custom software mobile and web solutions.

The team comprises passionate individuals, including strategists, analysts, creatives, and software engineers, working collaboratively to craft well-designed applications and platforms. They are committed to maintaining a strong work ethic and passion for delivering excellence in the ever-changing landscape of technology.

Services: Team Augmentation, Managed Delivery

Expertise: UX, Design, Hosting, CMS, Support, Testing

Industries: Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, eCommerce, Hospitality, and Leisure


FINANTEQ is a company that specializes in providing mobile banking and finance solutions, such as mobile banking applications and digital. The company focuses on creating user-friendly and secure mobile banking experiences, incorporating features such as mobile payments, account management, and personalized financial services.

They aim to help financial institutions adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of digital finance and meet the expectations of modern consumers.

Services: Managed Delivery

Expertise: Mobile development, UX Design, Smartwatch, R&D

Industries: Financial Services

Lean Apps

Lean Apps is a mobile application development company based in Germany, with offices in Europe and Asia. The company provides outsourcing services to startups and enterprise organizations focused on innovation.

Their team emphasizes design and aims to deliver a seamless user experience through exceptional application interfaces.

Services: Managed Delivery

Expertise: e-Commerce, Data Analytics, IoT, AI

Industries: Entertainment, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality and Leisure

Orfeostory Pte

Orfeostory Pte was established in 2011 as a mobile app development company and evolved into a comprehensive mobile app and web development agency. The agency aims to make the digital landscape accessible and manageable for SMBs, startups, and companies in Singapore, aligning their success with the achievements of their clients.

The company positions itself as a reliable, long-term mobile app and website development partner, driven by a commitment to innovation, client empowerment, and staying ahead of industry trends.

Services: Managed Delivery

Expertise: Mobile and Web App Development, Website Design, CRM App Development, Website SEO, WordPress Plugin Development

Industries: eCommerce, Financial Services, Government, Hospitality & Leisure, Information Technology


Mobulous is a mobile app development company that provides custom mobile app solutions across various platforms. The company has been recognized for its expertise in developing iOS, Android, and cross-platform application applications.

The company has worked on various projects, from startups to enterprises, delivering solutions encompassing different functionalities and industries. They work on native and cross-platform app development to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Services: Managed Delivery, Team Augmentation

Expertise: Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design, Product Strategy, App Marketing

Industries: Healthcare, eCommerce, Financial Services, Entertainment


Whiz is a product innovation and software development company in LATAM, offering comprehensive services to help partners achieve business goals by integrating strategy and technology with nearshore teams. In 2022, Whiz was acquired by 10Pearls.

The company emphasizes delivering high-quality work tailored to each client’s unique needs, using agile methodologies to ensure projects are on time and within budget while being adaptable to changing business needs.

Services: Team Augmentation, Turnkey projects

Expertise: Research UX/UI, Mobile App Development, Web Development

Industries: Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality

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