Junior/Middle Frontend Engineer
Wroclaw, Poland
JS, Node.js, React, TypeScript

We are looking for a passionate Frontend Engineer who would like to work with a top-notch technology stack in a friendly and cozy atmosphere for one of the greatest retail companies in the USA.

Why is this company one of the greatest? Founded in 1901, it prospered through two world wars, the Spanish flu, the Great Depression, the 2020 pandemic, and still produces the highest quality products and services for their customers.

The client’s company is based in Seattle with a technology orientation rooted in Silicon Valley. You will work with the cleverest minds, who are eager to build superb services to match business requirements and win market share.

And then there's Zoolatech! Just imagine a workplace and a team environment that you never want to leave once you have found it. Sound enticing? Apply to our position today and we can get you there.

OINK (Order Invoice Kafka producer) team is responsible for designing, implementing, and own a service that provides an ability to gather all the required Order related data from Kafka events and generate a final transaction for its further processing downstream services. As part of a big Order Management Team (OMS), which obviously is the heart of the entire product, our team has an opportunity to take over other, besides OINK, exciting and challenging features to be built in OMS from scratch, which brings us more extended and versatile expertise in terms of the whole e-commerce domain.

Also, there is an opportunity to contribute to the SDM (Sales Data Modernization) initiative, which consequently delivers accurate and timely sales transaction data to consumers, by focusing on raw facts (business events) generated by OMS and other producers. The part of SDM initiative is hydration a modernized sales validation and aggregation service, and eventually landing data to the analytical platform.

These are the technologies used in the frontend part of our project: React, TS, NodeJs (NestJS), css modules, NPm, Redux (RTK Query), JEST React Testing Library, AgGrid, ModuleFederation, Cypress

  • Actively participate in a full-stack team prepared to meet evolving customer needs

  • Collaborate with Product, Program, and other engineering teams to deliver best-in-class solutions

  • Embrace the DevOps model by owning the end-to-end technology and infrastructure stack

  • Analyze technology to identify and proactively pay down technical debt in key areas

  • Anticipate and remove blockers that are impeding the team’s success

  • Ensure the application/system health, striving for minimal defects and downtime

  • Advocate for data-driven decision making, so we prioritize the right work

Must have:

  • 1 or more years of relevant Frontend Engineering experience

  • React, Typescript

  • Redux (RTK Query)

  • NodeJs (NestJS)

  • CSS modules

  • NPM

  • JEST React Testing Library 

Nice to have:

  • AgGrid

  • ModuleFederation

  • Cypress

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