Senior Devops Engineer

  • Overview

    Right now there's a chance for a strong mature Devops engineer to join the "SWAT" team that will be starting the engagement with Pandora, the world-leading jewelry manufacturer. We have an ultimate degree of ownership and our first mission would be to build an event management system that would be the core for other teams and foundation for further projects. We still need to understand how exactly the business works, which processes we need, and what exactly needs to be built so it looks like we have the right challenge for people who enjoy real challenges =)

  • Responsibilities

    • Understand business needs

    • Design and document technical solutions

    • Write clean and maintainable code, perform code-reviews

    • Establish optimal processes and state-of-the-art engineering practices

    • Help team to self-organize

    • Take ownership of the system quality

    • Monitor/support the system in production

  • We Require

    • At least 5y of devops experience
    • Solid experience with AWS/Azure/GCP (we'll be using Azure)
    • Solid experience with Docker, Kubernetes
    • Solid experience with CI/CD, monitoring/alerting
    • Experience with Kafka setup and configuration
    • Good understanding of IT Operations
    • Experience with system design, architecture, scaling
    • Hands-on experience using infrastructure as a code tools (e.g. Terraform/Ansible/Chef/Puppet)

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