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  • Overview

    Are you ready to take your passion for coding and problem-solving to the next level? We are thrilled to present an exceptional opportunity that will immerse you in the world of cutting-edge technology and real-world software development. Introducing our 6-Month Software Engineering Internship – an unparalleled journey of growth, learning, and innovation.


    Why Choose Our Internship?

    At Zoolatech, we understand that the transition from classroom theory to practical application is pivotal in becoming a proficient software engineer. Our internship is meticulously designed to bridge this gap by offering:

    You won't just be a spectator; you'll be an integral part of our development teams. Your contributions will directly impact our innovative projects.

    2. Mentorship:

    Our experienced engineers will guide you, providing insights, feedback, and support, nurturing your technical and professional growth.

    3. Real Projects:

    Engage in projects that matter. Tackle challenges that span various domains, from AI and machine learning to web and mobile development.

    4. Collaborative Environment:

    Immerse yourself in a vibrant, collaborative workspace where diverse ideas flourish, and teamwork drives success.


    Who Should Apply?

    We're seeking driven and enthusiastic software engineering students who:

    • Have a solid foundation in programming languages such as Java
    • Demonstrate problem-solving prowess and a knack for innovation
    • Exhibit a strong desire to learn, adapt, and contribute to real-world projects
    • Possess excellent communication skills and can work seamlessly in a team
  • Responsibilities


    What Awaits You?

    • Project Ownership:
    • Take ownership of specific project components, from ideation to deployment, and witness your ideas come to life.
    • Learning Opportunities:
    • Attend workshops, seminars, and tech talks led by industry experts to enhance your technical skills and broaden your horizons.
    • Networking:
    • Connect with professionals in the field, expanding your industry contacts and paving the way for your next steps in the company.
  • We require

    • Java
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • English (intermediate/advanced)


    • Be on your last year (at least) of College before graduating.
    • Be studying Computer System engineer or similar career.
    • Live at Guadalajara.

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