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  • Overview is one of the largest retail e-commerce companies in North America. And, the Warp drive is the most impactful initiative for Nordstrom. It's a transformational step in business processes. A reinvention on how Nordstrom acquires, plans, sets up and sells products. PCCH (Product, Category, Catalog, Hierarchy) is a system that is designed from ground up to integrate with other systems like Selling Control or Product Access Layer, all part of the Warp Drive initiative. Part of the PCCH teams an engineer will be responsible for designing and implementing the core Product primitives: Choice, Item, Category, Hierarchy and Catalog. All will be brought to life on a Portal Platform that in time will evolve into a marketplace for Nordstroms' vendors and partners

  • Responsibilities

    • Understand business needs

    • Design and document technical solutions

    • Write clean and maintainable code, perform code-reviews

    • Establish optimal processes and state-of-the-art engineering practices

    • Help team to self-organize

    • Take ownership of the system quality

    • (If needed) monitor/support the system in production (Pager Duty)

  • We Require

    • Good written and spoken English;
    • At least 3 years of experience with FE/React;
    • Good knowledge of JavaScript Core, ES6+, HTML5, CSS3;
    • Experience with Redux, Reselect;
    • Experience with testing tools (jest, react-testing-library, enzyme etc.);
    • Experience with module bundlers like Webpack/Grunt/Rollup/etc;
    • Experience with npm, GitLab;

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