React Developer

  • Overview

    Why is Nordstrom one of the greatest? Founded in 1901, it prospered through two world wars, Spanish flu, Great Depression, the 2020 pandemic, and still produces the highest quality products and services for their customers.

    Nordstrom is based in Seattle with a technology orientation rooted in Silicon Valley. You will work with the cleverest minds, who are eager to build superb services to match business requirements and win market share.

    And then there's Zoolatech! Just imagine a workplace and a team environment that you never want to leave once you have found it. Sound exciting? Apply to our position today and we can get you there.

    The PDP Team is responsible for the Product page on the website. The team is running many different UI/UX experiments and AB tests that literally earn millions. Overall, if you like to communicate with customers directly and explore how things work at a large retail company, this might be the right project for you =)

  • Responsibilities

    • Understand business priorities and requirements;
    • Collaborate with the team to come up with optimal technical solutions;
    • Write reliable and scalable code;
    • Ensure solid test coverage;
    • Embrace the CI/CD principles;
    • Do meaningful code reviews;
    • Take ownership of system quality;
  • We Require

    • Good written and spoken English;
    • At least 4+ years of experience with React;
    • Good knowledge of JavaScript Core, ES6+, HTML5, CSS3;
    • Experience in front-end development targeting desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers on different devices;
    • Experience with Redux, Reselect;
    • Experience with testing tools (jest, react-testing-library, enzyme etc.);
    • Good knowledge of asynchronous programming model in JavaScript;
    • Understanding of Git flow;

    Is a plus:

    • Experience with module bundlers like Webpack;
    • Experience with npm, GitLab;

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