Senior Engineer - FrontEnd

  • Overview

    What if you could use your technology skills to develop a product that impacts the way communities’ hospitals, homes, sports stadiums, and schools across the world are built? Construction impacts the lives of nearly everyone in the world, and yet it’s also one of the world’s least digitized industries, not to mention one of the most dangerous. That’s why we’re looking for a talented Principal Frontend Engineer to join our team for new client Procore Technologies. Procore Technologies is building the software that builds the world. They provide cloud-based construction management software that helps clients more efficiently build skyscrapers, hospitals, housing complexes, and more.

  • Responsibilities

    As a Senior Frontend Engineer, you’re given the unique opportunity to partner intimately with Procore customer base, translating their fundamental needs into technological SaaS solutions. At the projects we're working on, you'll be provided with the tools and resources needed to achieve extraordinary results that render a significant impact extending beyond the boundaries of traditional engineering roles.

    What you will do:

    • Establish standards for development teams and lead initiatives in collaboration with Product, Quality Assurance, User Experience, and other internal groups;
    • Use a customer-centric approach to lead architectural design decisions that improve scalability and performance
    • Develop fellow teammates by conducting code reviews, providing mentorship, pairing, and training opportunities
    • Have a significant impact that extends beyond the boundaries of your team, on projects such as:
    • Scalability: This is a great chance to work on live, core systems with millions of users.
    • Performance Considerations: As a large, enterprise application, it is vital that Procore’s code minimizes payload size, maximizes the use of deferred scripts, and consumes the lowest possible amount of browser resources.
    • Developer Tooling: We create, maintain, and contribute to our own custom framework and component library built in React.
    • Code Quality & Automated Testing: We strive for Test Driven Development currently we use Jest) in all of our front-end development.
  • We Require

    • 5+ years experience in Object-Oriented Program and/or Functional Programming fundamentals, Test Driven Development and Design principles.
    • 5+ years experience with TypeScript/JavaScript. Strong preference for modern libraries and frameworks, particularly with React.
    • Track record of anticipating technical problems that will fall out of major projects and designing solutions to overcome those problems;
    • Demonstrated expertise with building and/or significantly improving large, business-critical systems involving stability, performance, and scalability;
    • Experience in working with RESTful APIs
    • Proven experience with web tooling (Webpack, Jest, NPM, Babel, etc)
    • Time-honed expertise with modern web development across the entire spectrum of development, testing, staging, deploying, and monitoring
    • Ability to evaluate industry best-of-class technical approaches

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