Senior Frontend Engineer
Other, Eastern Europe
JS, React

At Zoolatech, we're dedicated to transforming the business landscape with our comprehensive expertise in software development. Our collaboration with client, who is a top-notch supplier of quality and compliance cloud-based software, is geared towards revolutionizing the creation and distribution of life sciences products.

You will join the team that is just starting a new product. Members of the team are all senior-level and above, so everyone is used to working together effectively and is always up for a good time during daily standups.

  • Collaborate closely with your team, conducting code reviews and promoting best practices

  • Drive the product's evolution through active participation in SCRUM ceremonies

  • Share your expertise and contribute constructive feedback in the design review process

  • Foster knowledge sharing, ensuring the team's collective success

  • Prioritize customer focus and deliver high-quality solutions

  • Collaborate across teams and services to tackle complex challenges efficiently

  • Help team to self-organize

  • Take ownership of the system quality

  • 5+ years with React/FE

  • Fluent English for communicating with the team every day

  • Super strong JS + Typescript is a must (there’s a lot of complex business logic)

  • Good HTML, CSS (there’s fewer styling challenges, no animations etc.)

  • Experience with test tools (preferably Playwright, etc.) will be a plus

  • Familiarity with BFF(backend for frontend) will be a plus

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