Senior Software Engineer (Ruby/RoR)
Wroclaw, Poland

Together with the Zoolatech team, our partner, a leading construction management company, is at the forefront of developing a cloud-based software solution. This innovative platform is instrumental in the successful completion of major projects including skyscrapers, hospitals, data centers, stadiums, and schools. It streamlines the management of finances, quality, teams, and risks, making these processes transparent, convenient, and regulation-compliant. Our partner is not only an expert in construction management but also a significant technology innovator, actively developing web and mobile solutions. Zoolatech plays a crucial role in supporting their growth, and we are currently on the hunt for a top-tier, result-oriented Backend Engineers.

This role demands a highly experienced and skilled Backend Engineer with a proven track record in developing large-scale web solutions, preferably with a monolithic architecture. The ideal candidate should understand the critical aspects of working within a monolithic framework, be capable of analyzing existing challenges, and focus on enhancing the stability, scalability and monitoring of the system to ensure its robustness, stability, and resilience.

We are seeking a talented engineers for a time-limited, six-month project focused on enhancing automated tests for a platform with a monolithic architecture. Our primary objectives are to improve the stability and performance time of our tests. This is a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on our testing processes and overall platform performance. Join us and be a key player in driving quality and efficiency improvements.

  • Enhance Automated Tests:

    • Improve stability and performance of the existing test suite.

    • Identify and fix flaky tests.

  • Refactor Code:

    • Refactor RSpec files and codebase for better maintainability and efficiency.

  • Optimize Performance:

    • Address performance bottlenecks and reduce test execution time.

  • Collaborate with teams and other engineers:

    • Collaborate with the peers, provide code review, help and guidance when needed.

    • Work closely with developers from other feature teams, PMs and other roles to meet project goals.

    • Communicate progress and challenges to Engineering Manager & other managers.

  • Promote Best Practices:

    • Document processes and enforce coding standards.

    • Create the framework that should be used by other engineers to improve quality of the automated tests.

  • Software Engineering Proficiency: At least 6 years of experience with a strong foundation in software engineering fundamentals, including Test Driven Development (TDD) and design principles.

  • Ruby on Rails: Extensive experience (5 years) working with Ruby on Rails, adept at navigating and improving monolithic architectures.

  • Performance Optimization: Skilled in identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks in testing frameworks and applications.

  • Scalability and Infrastructure: Demonstrated experience with software, platforms, and infrastructure at scale, highlighting skills in managing and enhancing large-scale systems.

  • Code Refactoring: Expertise in refactoring large, complex codebases to improve maintainability and performance.

  • Cross-Cultural Teamwork: Proven experience working with international teams across different time zones on large-scale initiatives, illustrating strong collaboration and project management skills.

  • Problem Solving: Strong analytical skills and a methodical approach to addressing test stability issues and other technical challenges.

  • Collaboration: Excellent team player with strong communication skills (in English), capable of working closely with development teams, QA, and other stakeholders.

  • Time Management: Proven ability to deliver high-quality results within tight deadlines.

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