Fullstack Engineer (RoR + React.js)

  • Overview

    We are excited to start building a team for our new client, Chictopia. Chictopia is a California-based startup that develops the CRM system for fashion influencers across the most popular social platforms. Our technology stack of choice includes Rails v6.0, React.js, Heroku.

  • Responsibilities

    Take part in building CRM product for social influencers from scratch;

    Contribute to the architecture design and planning for newly-built platform;

    Leverage Chictopia's proprietary technology to create custom reports with actionable insights for their clients to plan out scalable social media initiatives for the future;

  • We Require

    Full-stack development experience in Ruby on Rails and JS (more FE oriented than BE oriented)

    Experience with JS

    Experience with React or any other Front End framework/library.

    At least 3 years of experience working with Rails

    Been actively involved in setting infrastructure roadmaps and technical design strategy

    Have worked in a small team environment in the past

    Dev ops experience a plus BS degree

    Great verbal and written communication skills in English

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