Junior BE Developer

  • Overview

    We are hiring a team of Go enthusiasts!

    • You will work on the backend solutions for our client, Nordstrom, a top retail company in the USA.
    • You will go deep into the Go with our client team.
    • You will be supported by Zoolatech in getting new knowledge, training, books, and everything you will need to improve your Go experience.
    • This is high loaded system of Order management.
    • Services owned by this team are written in Java and Go (50/50).
  • Responsibilities

    Deliver in accordance with the mission and goals of the group.

    Communication with Seattle office, aligning goals, implementation.

  • We Require

    Must have:

    • Experience with any of Go, Java

    • Intermediate+ English

    • Computer science or related education

    Will be a plus:

    • Flexible hosting: cloud (GCP, AWS), containers (Docker, Kubernetes), serverless (Cloud Functions, Lambda)

    • Delivery: git (GitLab, github, bitbucket), CI/CD (GitLabCI, Thoughtworks Go, Jenkins)

    • Automation of testing (unit, integration, acceptance, performance, contract)

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