Software Engineer (Python)

  • Overview

    Our client Knock Rentals, an award-winning sales and marketing SaaS platform for residential property management companies, is looking to extend their engineering capacity with Zoolatech. We would like to hire a team to supplement the Knock’s Integrations pod, which builds and maintains systems providing two-way data synchronization between Knock’s internal systems and (currently six) external partner systems.

  • Responsibilities

    • Address customer-facing issues and improve the overall quality of existing systems, through augmented existing functionality, fixing bugs and adding preventative tests;
    • Follow industry best practices in quality management - automated testing, code review, error monitoring;
    • Communicate closely with teammates onsite, including non-technical staff;
  • We Require


    • 3+ years of commercial experience in software development
    • Is comfortable with Python 2.7 and 3.3+
    • Can operate within git, bash, vagrant, and AWS lambda environments
    • Good to have:
    • experience with debugging based on cloud-based telemetry (esp Cloudwatch logging and New Relic Insights)
    • experience with Task frameworks (esp celery)
    • experience with ORMs (esp sqlalchemy)
    • experience with XML parsing (esp Xpath)

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