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  • Overview

    • Enrichment and maintenance of the repository of engineering standards for Pandora.
    • Engineering standards will describe requirements, and guidelines on how to carry out work in the following areas: integration, monitoring, software development, CI/CD, infrastructure as a code, data governance, cyber security, data & analytics, IT service management, Site reliability engineering
    • These standards will be used by engineers when starting work on a new initiative
    • Standards will also be used to measure “technical maturity” on existing services to identify required investment
    • Technology will be steered by means of managing a technology radar with the associated roadmap
  • Responsibilities

    • Drive defining of engineering standards in the areas mentioned above, outlining an approach for engineering standards
    • Facilitate the process and align the standards with the relevant part of the organization/domain teams
    • Create and own a roadmap of standards to be introduced and track the progress on a regular basis
    • Ensure the standards are clear and understandable. It is important that standards are actionable and do not require interpretation as much as possible
    • Ensure that standards are measurable in order to be able to define technical maturity. Large standards where compliance can only be stated as partial will be difficult to maintain and improve.
    • Support colleagues in Pandora describing standards
    • Support Pandora defining which standards should be brought forward. Standards need to provide value
  • We require

    Must have skills:

    • Experience in organising, facilitating and leading cross-team collaboration
    • Experience with dealing with a diverse group of stakeholders
    • Experience in building a community
    • Experience in establishing a partnership relation
    • Experience of the challenges when operating solutions at scale
    • Experience in participating in architecture discussions identifying the best technology for each use case
    • Fluent English

    Will be a plus:

    • Experience at designing governance models and how to drive a process around ensuring design reviews
    • Experience in establishing and introducing of Engineering standards/frameworks/approaches
    • Experience of driving execution control

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