Frontend Developer (React)

  • Overview

    We’re looking for a talented Software Engineer to join the engineering team that we're building for our client is a tight-knit group of Marketers & Engineers specializing in building customizable marketing tools for enterprise-level clients. Based out of Los Angeles, CA they've built a reputation for delivering best-in-class marketing technology solutions. works with some of the largest advertisers in the world including Warner Brothers, Wargaming, Riot Games, Scopely, and Transunion. To keep up with demand our client is extending the engineering team in Kyiv to build more complex products. is a low-code platform for creating interactive and actionable data-heavy internal applications.

    The problem

    Internal teams have unnecessarily tedious workflows. They require an excessive number of disparate platforms to merge data and perform daily UA work. These platforms include: analytics tools like Looker and Tableau external and internal APIs, databases and data warehouses, (the dreaded) spreadsheets. This is time consuming and inefficient. We think there’s a better way.

    The solution

    With Alpha, users define a data model that describes their data across multiple data sources. Data is joined together and presented in tables and visualizations in Alpha Applications. Data sources are bidirectional, meaning that users can modify their data (update a row in a database, make an API call, etc) directly within the application. Any actions a user takes in an application can be automated into a workflow.

    The tech

    Alpha is designed to enable performant, well-designed, and flexible applications. We use React and Apollo on the front end and Node and Apollo on the backend. We’ve found that the declarative nature of React and GraphQL work great with data-heavy applications, and our front end and backend architecture enable robust and flexible custom integrations and applications. We use TypeScript across the stack to increase productivity and reduce errors.

  • Responsibilities

    As a Frontend Developer, you will work on developing and iterating on customer acquisition flows, with an initial focus on creating sites for a major credit reporting ordering experience.

    • Use ReactJS/TypeScript to turn designs into performant and maintainable user interfaces.
    • Develop testable and accessible web applications.
    • Work with designers to identify and solve potential implementation issues.
    • Help translate user stories into technical solutions.
    • Support other engineers, build the technical culture and help grow the team.
    • Generate ideas for new initiatives and technologies.
    • Communicate with project leads, product managers, and other software developers.
  • We Require

    The key skills you’ll need are:

    • Expertise in ReactJS.
    • Experience with TypeScript. It’s not necessary that you’re a TypeScript expert, but it helps.
    • Exposure to GraphQL. Experience with Apollo is a plus.
    • A keen eye for quality, both in the code you write and the interfaces you create.
    • Experience testing JavaScript functions and React Components (we use Jest).
    • Familiarity with CI/CD.
    • Experience working with engineers, product managers, and designers in an agile development process.
    • Good written and spoken English skills are the must.
    • Additionally, you’ll be an excellent fit if you have experience with the following:
    • Experience working with Node, especially serverless.
    • Experience with relational and NoSQL databases.
    • Domain knowledge (you’ve built internal software to analyze and manipulate data, especially in areas such as marketing automation).

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